RFID Applications for National Defense

National defense made more secure with military-grade RFID solutions.

National Defense Is About Knowing All Your Assets

HID’s national defense solutions can provide asset lifecycle management and global visibility for mobile assets, guns and other weapons, fleet vehicles, large rolling stock, data center and lab equipment and high value assets of all kinds, delivering actionable data and operational visibilities across military supply chains and other government agencies anywhere, anytime.

RFID Asset Management With Purpose-Built Custom Tags

With a full suite of powerful, high-performance solutions for standard settings, hazardous environments and high temperatures, we have the tag or label to fit you or your customer’s specialized asset requirements.

If one is not available, then we can build it. Our dedicated teams of RF scientists, technicians and asset management experts based in our own manufacturing facilities are passionate about designing ingenious, fit-for-purpose solutions from concept to completion that is both cost- and ROI-effective.

In addition, our testing and quality assurance processes are intensive and exacting making HID a trusted supplier of data capture solutions.

RFID Capabilities for National Defense

For a variety of enterprise organizations, RFID-enabled solutions provide a wealth of advantages from improving operations to saving costs. However, when it comes to military and national defense, RFID solutions can also play a vital part in helping a country’s overall efforts to maintain its security — domestically and abroad. RFID’s capabilities with regard to national defense include:

  • Data from virtually all military assets that can be filtered by part number, serial number, condition code, next inspection date, due-in date and several other criteria
  • Passive RFID tags that can be read reliably at a range of up to 100 feet
  • Critical resource tracking and security endeavors that can be efficiently managed, while complying with stringent legal requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley regulations
  • Ability to operate both on metal and non-metal assets utilizing handheld scanners integrated with a software platform providing inventory visibility and reporting capabilities
  • Improvement in both the reliability and efficiency of critical military supply chains — especially with assets that are deployed in theater

HID’s RFID technologies provide a complete, customized, end-to-end solution from design, hardware procurement, custom software installation, SAP integration services and operator training.

RFID for National Defense — Key Features

HID provides the highest quality RFID tags that can stand up to the most demanding tasks and environments that your military can put them through. When it comes to national defense, nothing less than the most robust and secure asset and location tracking technology is acceptable. HID’s RFID technologies offer the following benefits to help meet your national defense needs for today and tomorrow.

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Accurate Tracking

Know where your assets are at all times, from military vehicles to lab equipment. If you need it for national defense, you will have it on hand.
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Lifecycle Visibility

From deployment in the field, to maintenance in the shop, to retirement and replacement, HID’s RFID-enabled lifecycle visibility tells you what you need to know about your equipment’s functioning status.
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Customizable Solutions

HID’s engineering experts can build RFID tags for a metal surface, plastic surface, flat surface, curved surface, hot environment, cold environment, short range readability or long range readability.
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Hazardous Environments

HID’s rugged RFID tags withstand the natural elements, from subfreezing cold temperatures to tropical heat, rain, heavy snow and UV rays.
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Multiple Applications

HID’s RFID technologies can tag military assets in the field such as guns and tanks, laboratory equipment used to test new weapons systems and monitor cyber resources such as data centers used for national defense.

Large-Scale Operation

If your agency or outfit has only a few hundred assets that need tagging, tracing and locating, or if it has millions of assets, HID’s capacity to scale up to meet any enterprise’s needs is unmatched in the industry.
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Save operational costs and increase ROI by reducing errors and accurately managing inventory from manufacturing through distribution with RFID-tagged assets.

RFID National Defense Customer Success Stories

military vehicles in the desert

Specialty RFID Products to the United States Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps wanted an RFID solution for tracking assets being shipped back from the war in Afghanistan, including high value rolling stock, containers and vehicles.

HID worked with CDO Technologies to develop various passive tagging solutions to deliver visibility and status data complying with the high standards required by the US military.

The result? Tracking, locating and managing assets with high accuracy, and saving time and money while achieving full visibility of asset arrival, departure and maintenance with verifiable records.

server room

RFID Asset Management Solution for Data Center & Lab Equipment

ASA sought a fast, accurate and cost-effective way to track and identify both data center and highly mobile laboratory assets across multiple locations. Barcodes utilized were hard to see, let alone read.

HID with systems integrator partner DataSpan recommended a passive UHF RFID tag solution incorporating both metal and non-metal assets, teamed with handheld scanners with inventory visibility and reporting capabilities. The solution can be scaled across multiple sites.

The result? Faster asset inventories and 100% accuracy in mobile lab asset audits. The cost and process efficiencies gave NASA ROI in less than 18 months.

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100% testing process ensures every tag works right out of the box — that means 100% reliability on Marine Corps and Navy pre-positioned assets.

Lyle G. Layher
US Marine Corps
Blount Island Command

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