RFID Transit Mobility Solutions

Experience the power of RFID solutions that provide secure, sustainable mobility to millions.

Propel Innovation in Mass Transit Payment
and Ticketing

As trusted partners to global transport authorities and systems integrators, we simplify the integration of physical and digital credentials into existing systems. Automate fare collection effortlessly and create a seamless transportation experience embracing the future of transportation technology with HID by your side.

HID’s Mass Transit Solutions:
Embracing Technology

Unlock the transformative potential of HID for your transportation systems in the digital age.

Leverage a diverse range of physical credentials, including smart cards, RFID paper tickets and Card Operating Systems. Seamlessly integrate intuitive readers and validators, along with mobile apps that support digital credentials like Host Card Emulation (HCE) and software development kits (SDKs) for Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and NFC devices. Embrace the ease and efficiency of digital transportation solutions with HID by your side.

Key Benefits of Host Card Emulation in
Mobile Ticketing

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  • Improved passenger mobility: Effortlessly move transit riders through transportation gates and entries
  • Increased convenience: Cashless transactions provide faster service
  • Environmentally friendly solution: No more discarded paper tickets to manage at stations
  • Healthier experience: Eliminate congested kiosk queues

How Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
Benefits Passengers

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) revolutionizes mass transit mobility, integrating various forms of transport and related services into a single, comprehensive, and on-demand mobility solution. Enjoy the convenience of accessing mobility through a single application and payment channel, simplifying your journey.

HID’s Integrated MaaS Ecosystem

With HID's fully integrated end-to-end solution, your entire rail and surface transportation infrastructure becomes a dynamic and robust system. Move your passengers efficiently and safely while reducing overhead costs.

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HID Platform

Digital card lifecycle management on mobile
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Intuitive readers and validators, HSMs, on-site issuance
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Digital Credentials HCE (Host Card Emulation), SDKs (BLE and NFC)
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Physical Credentials

Smart cards, RFID paper tickets, smart wearables, card operating systems and profiles
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On-site support, personalization, fulfillment, software development and consulting

Choose HID as Your Trusted Partner

With years of expertise and partnerships with the largest mass transit projects worldwide, HID is your trusted partner. We specialize in building secure, reliable, and flexible multi-application operating systems and ticketless applications.

Some of our most valued partners include:

Réseau Express Régional (RER) logo

Réseau Express Régional (RER)

Houston METRO logo

Houston METRO

National Railway Company of Belgium logo

National Railway Company of Belgium

HID’s Strengths in Mass Transit Mobility

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End-to-End Solution

From smart tokens to operating systems to services, HID covers all the bases.
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High Performance

HCE software platform capable of handling thousands of transactions per minute.
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Security countermeasures at the state of art of the industry and compliance to meet industry standards for seamless operation and concurrent applications.
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Mobile Ready

Device-agnostic SDK supporting mobile credentials for iOS, Android, etc.
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Compliant with major technology standards such as Calypso and Kiat.
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Works with multiple technologies, from digital credentials via HCE to SDKs for BLE and NFC.
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Customer-First Services

HID offers on-site support, personalization and fulfillment, development, and consulting.

HID’s SOMA Atlas® Operating System

Designed to address a diverse set of applications and solve multiple access control use cases, HID's SOMA Atlas is an innovative multi-application operating system (OS). Enjoy flexibility, security, and performance while reducing costs.

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HID Meets Third-Party Transit System
Integration Requirements

HID's robust mass transit technology and solutions seamlessly integrate with industry-standard third-party systems, extending capabilities to fit your unique needs. HID supports the Calypso PRIME and Calypso Light Application (CLAP), providing advanced security. 

Our award-winning SOMA Atlas 4Digital SDK is the world’s first Calypso certified software development kit. This enables secure and convenient transport tickets but on mobile phones (not paper tickets) that support HCE via a mobile phone’s NFC function.

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Speak to an HID expert today and learn how your city’s mass transit system can be digitally transformed into a 21st century powerhouse of satisfied riders with increased ridership.

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