Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

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Authenticate Without a Password

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In certain sectors, such as healthcare, finance or education, job functions require employees to access multiple systems and spaces within the same business day. Often, their workstations are also exposed to public environments, creating additional risk. It can be an inefficient hassle to resubmit the same password over and over throughout the day.

A more convenient, secure and automated solution is single sign-on (SSO) authentication. Single sign-on allows employees to authenticate their identity at the beginning of a work period, granting secure access to the right software, files and locations throughout the business day.

Single sign-on paves the way for new levels of productivity. Users log in once via an RFID card or smartphone to authenticate themselves for digital or logical access. Those credentials then conveniently move with them throughout the rest of their workday.  

Convenient, Efficient Access for All

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SSO is passwordless, individuals merely present an access card or phone to an RFID reader resulting in automatic authentication.
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An optional add-on combines SSO with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to further fortify the digital front.
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Automatic authentication occurs at the start of each work session granting all-day access to authorized applications.
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SSO reduces the chance of bad actors gaining access to a user’s account via phishing, meaning no risk for compromised passwords.
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IT time and budgets are preserved with fewer calls to the Help Desk for tedious password resets and troubleshooting.
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Corporate risk is reduced as credentials for third-party apps are stored internally instead of on external systems.
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SSO can utilize existing infrastructure via integration with many software-vendor partnerships.

Welcome to a Passwordless World

The biggest benefit on the path to a passwordless world is that the layers of authentication designed to decrease risk also propel the user experience. As password use results in several security challenges, a single trusted identity — like an RFID access card, mobile app or wearable — can be the key that conveniently unlocks spaces and places for more secure and seamless business.

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Layer Multi-Factor Authentication With Your Single Sign-On

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With so many security threats looming in the shadows these days, single sign-on (SSO) can also be combined with a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution to allow for verification of user identity prior to logging in to an application or network.

Organizations that pair single sign-on with multi-factor authentication (MFA) strike an extremely secure balance.

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Sign-On Success

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The most rewarding aspect is connecting to our students in a way that’s important, convenient and meaningful to them — keeping them connected and secure via a device that’s already an extension of their existence.

Juan Luis Velasco
IT Manager
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