HID Academy is on-demand digital training provided by a global team of subject matter experts and instructional designers.

Train and Certify with HID Academy

Enhance your knowledge of HID’s product portfolio through an engaging, on-demand digital learning experience designed exclusively for partners and customers. Choose from more than 250 courses and obtain certifications in HID’s suite of Trusted Identity solutions including physical access control, ID badge printing, and identity & access management.

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Engaging Content

Modular, relevant and gamified courses drive effective learning.

Personalized Training Plans

Manage course interest, receive dynamic progress feedback and export transcript records.
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Training by Role

Develop professional skills by selecting courses applicable to your role.
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Partner Certifications

Tailored to different roles, progress sequentially through a set of courses to attain Associate or Professional level.
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Expert Instructors

Courses developed and kept current by subject matter experts.
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Training by Product

Expand knowledge & skills by selecting courses by product focus.

HID Academy Learning Center

Begin your learning experience at the HID Academy Learning Center designed to offer unlimited access, anytime and anywhere. There is no cost to register and courses are available in various formats.

  • Self-Paced Online Courses
  • Instructional Videos (also available on the HID Academy YouTube channel)
  • Product Certifications
  • Partner Certifications
  • Sales, Technical and Technology Fundamentals Courses
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A Trusted Source for Training

HID Academy has trained customers all over the world by helping them stay current with HID Global products & industry trends.


Achieved Career Development

Over 96% of customers felt courses provided skills & knowledge that can be used on the job.

Countries Enrolled

HID Academy Learning Center has a global footprint with students enrolled from over 100 countries.

Positive Experience

Over 97% of customers would recommend the HID Academy learning experience to others.