Corporate 1000 Program

HID’s Corporate 1000 Program gives security professionals the ability to standardize on a single card solution, providing timely and educational information to end-users regarding the securing of people, property and assets.


HID Global’s Corporate 1000 Program offers a fully managed solution for RFID card formatting and card number tracking. The Corporate 1000 Program benefits facilities with multiple locations and/or decentralized decision-making for card purchases. This alternative to in-house card production offers a variety of benefits including increased security and management of issuance over multiple purchasers or locations.

Key Benefits:

  • Card and associated data is more secure when programmed with a unique format
  • HID Global’s managed service tracks card number sequences to prevent card number duplication
  • Choose to have one authorized source of supply or many; card numbers will not be duplicated

For additional information see the Request & Authorization Form and the PACS Credential Program Terms of Use. Already signed up and need to make changes? See the Corporate 1000 Change Form.

HID Elite Credential Programs

  • The most advanced level of card-to-reader security available
  • Unique authentication keys for each customer
  • Flexibility to choose any access control platform