Elite Key

HID Elite Credential Programs offer the most advanced level of card-to-reader security available, with unique authentication keys for each customer.

Key Benefits

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A custom authentication key is uniquely assigned to the end-user customer.
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The platform offers the ability to support multiple formats, including HID Corporate 1000.
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An Elite reader will only successfully authenticate credentials that are part of its own system.
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The end user can choose the vendor(s) that they wish to purchase credentials from at any time.

How It Works

The HID Elite Program provides end-­user customers with a unique authentication key to increase their existing security. The custom authentication key protects the card number within the access control application of the card. Only matching cards and readers will work together, prohibiting cards and readers from foreign populations to enter and function within the company’s Elite secured population. The Elite Program can use any format, including the HID Corporate 1000 format.

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Corporate 1000

HID’s Corporate 1000 Program offers a fully-managed solution for RFID card formatting and card number tracking. Organizations with multiple locations or decentralized decision making for card purchases will find the Corporate 1000 Program highly beneficial.  

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