Corporate 1000

A flexible, highly secure solution for RFID card formatting and number tracking.

Key Benefits

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HID tracks card number sequences to prevent card number duplication. Data associated with the customized format is unique to each individual end user.
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Individual employees can carry just one card to gain access to any facility to which they have been authorized.
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Due to the size of the available card population, the end user is assured that cards in the desired format will be available for years to come.
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The end user is free to choose the access control/hardware/software platform that best meets the needs of the individual sites, while ensuring interoperability with existing cards and card readers.

How It Works

HID’s Corporate 1000 Program offers a fully-managed solution for RFID card formatting and card number tracking by providing a card configuration that is developed specifically for each individual, end user. Within the assigned format, HID delivers more than eight million individual card numbers. Card numbers are tracked in the manufacturing process to ensure that they are not duplicated. The program is very beneficial to organizations with multiple locations and/or decentralized decision making for card purchases.

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Elite Key

The HID Elite Credential Programs offer the most advanced level of card-to-reader security available, with unique authentication keys for each customer.

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