Banking & Financial

Banks and other institutions are constantly seeking to keep pace with the dynamic world of finance. HID Global provides a wide range of convenient yet secure banking solutions to help enterprises secure facilities and ATMs, protect sensitive customer data, and safeguard their customers' online transactions.


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HID Global provides...

Digital Identity is becoming our passport through the digital world and therefore the need for financial institutions to protect it is urgent in order to safeguard customer’s trust.

Corporate Banking Solutions

Build competitive differentiator with innovative and secure technology solutions.

Customer Authentication Solutions

Empower customers to bank smarter, conveniently and securely.


Employee Authentication Solutions

Protect corporate data with intelligence based authentication and adaptive security.

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates and secure e-signatures to provide electronic audit trails

Biometric Authentication

Biometric solutions for secure and convenient access to personal accounts and data

HID Global provides...

Customers with an enhanced secure environment for digital transactions, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with uncompromised user experience.

Intelligent Data-Driven Authentication

A solution enabling organizations to create secure environment for trusted transactions along with uncompromised UX depending on the risk level.

Biometric Authentication

Multi-factor authentication with biometrics to verify that the credential being presented belongs to the user.

HID Global provides...

HID TRISM Financial Instant Issuance Solutions

Offers simplicity, PCI security, and integrations to a vast number of account processors and EFTs.

HID Global provides...

Access Control Systems

Broad range of solutions for secure access to doors, gates, parking facilities, networks and physical assets

Biometric Authentication

Biometric solutions for sensitive areas requiring a higher degree of authentication

Custom ID Card & Badge Printing

Create and manage secure access ID badges for employees, visitors and contractors onsite or in our state-of-the-art production facilities

Visitor Management System Solutions

Visitor management solutions that identify and manage banking and other financial institution visitors to maintain a safe environment for employees

HID Mobile Access Solutions

Merge security with convenience by adding secure access control via mobile device.