Consumer Authentication

Offer an intelligent and scalable consumer banking end-to-end journey with identity verification, fraud prevention and adaptive authentication solutions.

Intelligent Open Banking Security

Bank and financial institution customers expect security and a well-designed customer journey that verifies their identity quickly and intuitively while keeping threats out. 

Created for and trusted by the world's most regulated industries, who seek an intelligent way for customers to authenticate themselves digitally. 

Deliver a better user experience, retain customers and protect against data breaches. 

Identity Verification and Authentication

Organizations can offer secure access while deploying seamless identity verification, intelligent threat detection and adaptive authentication. 

One integrated system to diminish vulnerabilities and unnecessary vendors.

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Identity Verification

Provides a versatile and robust ID verification solution for secure and seamless digital onboarding
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Fraud Prevention

Decreases fraud risk and threats by combining multiple detection engines into one cohesive solution
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Adaptive Authentication

Detects real-time inputs and automatically adjust verification methods accordingly
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What Sets Our Solutions Apart

A seamless open banking journey. Several game-changing advantages for your organization.

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HID Global is a Trusted Industry Leader

Benefit from the deep expertise of a proven leader in identity technology, trusted by financial institutions and highly regulated industries worldwide
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One Vendor for Your Consumer Journey

Simplify deployment and integration with standards-based solutions that cover the full consumer authentication journey
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Seamless User Experience

Eliminate friction with solutions that work in the background to ensure a more safe and swift access for customers
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3-D Secure Transaction Signing

Learn how using 3-D Secure transaction signing drives down card-not-present (CNP) fraud.

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Open Banking Security

Open Banking increases transparency and opens up to new product opportunities, with banks sharing information in a secure, standardized format to authorized organizations.

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