Consumer Authentication

An intelligent and scalable consumer authentication end-to-end journey with identity verification and adaptive authentication — fully supported by an AI-powered risk management solution.

Security Without Friction

Customers of banks and financial services providers expect security, but demand convenience.

Onboarding, account login and transaction verification should be seamless. A well-designed customer journey needs to verify that the person requesting access is who they say they are as quickly and intuitively as possible — while keeping threats out.

Created for and trusted by the world's most regulated industries, HID’s consumer authentication platform is suitable for any organization seeking an unobtrusive and intelligent way for customers to authenticate themselves digitally.

Our comprehensive consumer authentication offering:

  • Delivers a better user experience
  • Helps retain customers
  • Protects against data breaches and account takeovers

Comprehensive by Design

In order to offer customers secure access without invasive identity checks, organizations need to deploy seamless identity verification, intelligent threat detection and adaptive authentication. Trying to piece these systems together from multiple vendors introduces vulnerabilities and unnecessary complexity.

What Sets Our Solutions Apart

One smooth journey. Several game-changing advantages for your organization.

Trusted Globally
Benefit from the deep expertise of a proven leader in identity technology, trusted by financial institutions and other highly regulated industries worldwide.

One Vendor For Your End-to-End
Consumer Journey

Simplify deployment and integration with standards-based solutions that cover the full consumer authentication journey.

Seamless User Experience
Defeat friction with solutions that work in the background to ensure swifter, safer access for customers.

Organizations in highly regulated industries, with high security requirements, and thosewith physical access controls integrationrequirements should consider HID Global.- John TolbertKuppingerCole Lead Analyst