Digital Identity Verification

An AI-powered identity verification solution for onboarding and beyond.

Seamless Digital Identity Verification

The HID Identity Verification Solution is a robust solution for banks and financial services providers to ensure a smooth identity verification for digital onboarding and beyond for their consumers.

HID Identity Verification Solution helps prevent financial crimes by contributing to financial institutions’ AML and KYC strategy.

Key Verification Features

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Superior Experience

A frictionless user experience that drastically reduces customer abandonment rates.
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Quick Deployment

Rapid implementation thanks to a pre-built architecture and cloud-based delivery.
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Reduced Cost

Low total cost of ownership (TCO) through streamlined integration and an all-inclusive pricing model.
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Complement your eKYC compliance strategy to meet requirements from governmental bodies around the world.
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Robust Technology

Higher assurance and better matching through AI-powered technology and trusted database.
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Trusted Leader

Peace of mind from choosing a solution provided by a world leader in identity card and passport manufacturing.

How It Works

Our industry-leading, biometric validation ensures that the person in the selfie and ID document are one and the same — and then validates key personal data with multiple trusted sources.

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Government Issued Photo ID

Digital ID verification on the user's mobile device
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Document Identity Verification

Document verification with thorough digital checks
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Biometric Facial Recognition

Facial biometric matches and passive liveness
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Real-Time Reporting

Comprehensive reporting with detailed and auditable evidence

What Sets Us Apart

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Global Reach

Proven leader in identity technology trusted by governments worldwide.
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99.6% True Accept Rate

Advanced machine learning technology helps to accurately categorize and verify documents by reviewing 2000+ computer vision models.
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Customize the user experience in minutes to meet your ever-changing organizational needs.
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Intuitive AI

Fully automated AI with technical checks to reduce errors, security risks & operational costs.
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Easy Auto-Capture

Reduces user errors and ensures high-quality, hassle-free picture uploads.
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Passive Liveness Detection

AI detection quickly confirms the information submitted is from a real, live person with little effort.
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The Most Flexible Consumer Identity Verification Solution

  • Easily brand the application to match your look and feel
  • Validate almost any identity document on the globe
  • Tailor the customer journey to fit your industry’s particular requirements
  • Remain on the forefront of technology by utilizing our industry-certified managed service

HID's End-to-End Platform for Online Banking

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Fraud Prevention

HID’s Risk Management Solution detects threats and stops fraud by constantly detecting and analyzing millions of pieces of data and behaviors from end users.
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Adaptive Authentication

Ensure a seamlessly adaptive, end-to-end customer journey with an easily scalable authentication platform available as a service in the cloud or on-premise.
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Seeking ID Document Verification for KYC?

Our solution enables efficient data capture and verification of government-issued ID documents, supporting robust identity proofing. Seamlessly integrate into your workflows to fortify compliance and confidently verify identities for in-person KYC.

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