HID Brand Guidelines

The HID logo can only be used if you have an existing partnership agreement and you’ve reached out to your HID contact to secure formal approval from the brand experience team.

If you have received permission to use our logo or other trademarks, follow these guidelines.


The HID Logo

The HID logo is the most recognizable element of our brand and is our primary identifier. Correct placement and use of the HID logo ensures consistent brand image across all channels — from packaging to marketing materials. Consistent use reinforces and strengthens the visual identity of the HID brand.

HID preferred logo

Our preferred logo

We prefer the use of our primary logo for the majority of placements.

The logo should be presented in full color using HID Blue, PMS 287.

There is a reversed version if there are constraints to using the preferred version.

Don’t modify the logo

Don’t modify or distort the logo, change any colors, or add additional elements.

HID Logo with clear space

Clear Space Area

A clear space area must always surround a freestanding HID logo. No text or graphics should be in this area. The clear space area surrounding the logo must be at least the size of HID lettering within the logo. For large-format executions such as signs or exhibits, the clear space area may be reduced to half the size of the HID lettering within the logo.

HID Color Palette

Our color palette symbolizes the tone and identity of HID and builds on established brand equity to create a unified customer experience.

You may not use the HID brand colors in your own materials, outside of approved HID logos or affiliation badges.

Primary Colors

Our color palette consists of a lively range of dark to light blue tones, with HID Blue as its center. This range of blue tones provides ample design opportunity to create a legible and accessible structure and hierarchy.

HID Dark Blue

Dark Blue

PMS 296 C

CMYK 100/46/0/70

RGB 0/45/86

HEX #002D56

HID Brand Blue

HID Blue

PMS 287 C

CMYK 100/82/0/27

RGB 0/48/135

HEX #003087

HID Medium Blue

Medium Blue

PMS 2935 C

CMYK 100/63/0/2

RGB 0/87/191

HEX #0057B7

HID Light Blue

Light Blue

PMS 283 C

CMYK 41/11/0/0

RGB 147/194/248

HEX #93C2F8

The HID Type Face

Our primary font of Neue Haas Unica Pro is rooted in early electronic phototypesetting, giving it a warm, nostalgic feeling that is clean and confident.

HID Font Neue Haas Unica
HID Font Neue Haas Unica font weights


Our brand typeface comes in eight weights from thin to heavy.

We most commonly use Light, Regular, and Medium. Thin and Heavy should be left for special instances.

Headline Text

Set with Neue Haas Unica  Light and Medium. Title Case. Use best judgement how to break up the headline with the thick and thin, highlighting key words etc...

HID Type Headline

Subhead Text

Set with Neue Haas Unica Medium. Subhead copy should be set in sentence case.

Every day millions of people in more than 100 countries use our products and services to securely access physical and digital places.

Body Text

Set with Neue Haas Unica Regular.

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