HID Trademark and Copyright Guidelines

HID takes great pride in our brands as they are a direct reflection of our commitment to excellence in quality and service.

Every aspect of the HID brand identity has been thoughtfully designed to convey a strong and unified presence in the market.

These HID Trademark and Copyright Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) govern the authorized use of HID's trademarked words, phrases and logos (“the HID Trademarks”) and copyrighted materials such as product photographs, manuals, web graphics and content (“the HID Copyrights”) which communicate information about HID and its products and services (the Trademarks and the Copyrights are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Brand Assets”).

These Guidelines are intended for use by HID Advantage Partners and others who wish to use the Brand Assets to create opportunities to sell HID products and solutions in a manner consistent with HID's policies and laws governing trademarks, copyrights and advertising. For further information regarding HID Global Advantage Partner obligations, requirements and benefits associated with the HID  Advantage Partner Program, please refer to the HID Advantage Partner Program Agreement, the HID Advantage Partner Program Guide, and the HID Advantage Partner Graphic Guidelines.

General Guidelines

You must follow these Guidelines whenever referring to the HID Trademarks or incorporating the Brand Assets into your own promotional materials such as a website, print ad, trade show display, brochure, product catalog, social media posting or blog content, and whenever you use the HID Trademarks as Google AdWords, in Bing Ads or within html metadata tags.

HID reserves the right to make changes to these Guidelines and any separate policies related to the Brand Assets without notice.

If you have questions about how to properly use or attribute the Brand Assets within text contact [email protected]

If you are an HID Advantage Partner and have questions about how to properly use or attribute the Brand Assets within a graphical layout, consult the HID Advantage Partner Graphic Guidelines document hosted on the HID Advantage Partner Portal: http://partnerportal.hidglobal.com/ or contact [email protected]

If you see others misusing the Brand Assets please send an email describing the incident to [email protected]

Using the HID Trademarks


Logos are trademarks which feature distinctive type styles, colors and/or shapes. HID uses a range of logos to represent and promote its corporate identity and its products, services and partner programs (collectively the “HID Logos”).

The HID Brick Logo

Do not use the HID Brick Logo in your communications. Use of the HID Brick Logo is reserved to HID Corporation.

Genuine HID Logo

Do not use the Genuine HID Logo without the express written permission of HID.

Authorized Logos

HID Advantage Partners are authorized to display certain HID Logos within their communications. If you are an HID Advantage Partner, please refer to the separate HID Advantage Partner Graphic Guidelines document for detailed guidance about how to properly display the specific HID Logos that you are authorized to use. The latest version of the HID Global Advantage Partner Graphic Guidelines is available on the HID Global Advantage Partner Portal at: http://partnerportal.hidglobal.com/.

Word Trademarks

Trademarks comprised of a word or a phrase without respect to particular type style(s), color(s) or shape(s) are called word marks (HID's word marks are hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Word Marks”). No matter the type style, font size, color or context in which they appear, the Word Marks remain trademarks of HID or its licensors. You may use the Word Marks to refer to HID products or to contrast non-HID products with those of HID provided such use:

  • Is not merely superfluous (reference to the HID trademarks is superfluous when the product described is not made by HID, and another brand name or generic descriptors would more accurately describe the product)
  • Is wholly accurate (for example, does not exaggerate the scope of interoperability)
  • Does not disparage HID or its products or services
  • Complies with these Guidelines and relevant trademark, copyright and advertising laws
  • Does not embed the Word Marks into a graphical design or logo. Use the Word Marks within text only.

Grammatically speaking, the Word Marks are adjectives (never nouns). This means in most sentences you should follow each of the Word Marks with an appropriate “generic descriptor” word or phrase such as “RFID cards,” “smart cards,” “card reader” or “access control system.”


Correct: (Word Mark used as an adjective):

“I recommend iCLASS cards and readers as the right solution for this facility.”

Incorrect (Word Mark used as a noun):

“I recommend you go with an iCLASS.”

Combination Trademarks

Trademarks formed by combining one or more HID Trademarks with a trademark that does not belong to HID or its licensors are called combination trademarks. Combination trademarks confuse consumers, dilute the combined brands and are never permitted. Do not combine your mark or someone else’s mark with any HID Trademark.


Incorrect usage:

The HID ABC Company proximity reader

The HID Alliance 5700 credential

Trademark Symbols

When using the HID Trademarks you must accompany each with the ™ symbol. This tells viewers the words and logos are not generic descriptive words, but rather trademarks. The HID Trademarks, which are registered, are legally eligible to display the ® symbol. However, in order to simplify your choice of symbol, consistently use the ™ symbol in all instances. Any trademark may be legally accompanied by the ™ symbol.