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Crescendo® FIDO

Follow these easy steps to get started with your Crescendo FIDO device.

Crescendo Is Easy to Set Up and Use

Whether you have opted for the Crescendo FIDO Smart Card Series or the Crescendo FIDO Security Key Series, this short guide will walk you through the initial steps to make the most out of your experience. 

Get Started

Please watch this short video on how to get started with your Crescendo device. 

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Crescendo Smart Cards

Crescendo Security Keys



3 Simple Steps to Set Up Your FIDO Device

Security Key Setup

  • Unboxing & Connection: Locate your key and either a reader (embedded or external) or USB port (USB-A or USB-C)
  • Registration & Authentication: Follow our video above*
  • Compatibility & Troubleshooting: Discover compatible apps and find solutions for common issues 

Smart Card Setup

  • Unboxing & Interface: Locate your card and reader (embedded or external) 
  • Registration & Authentication: Follow our video above*
  • Compatibility & Troubleshooting: Explore compatible applications and get help with any setup challenges 

Please note: Each FIDO key is unique and does not have a backup, which is why we recommend having two keys for each account.

*For cards, consult your local HID IAM sales team for the Crescendo 144k card.

Unlock Doors, Data and Your Business Applications

The Crescendo portfolio provides convenient and secure authentication for all IT resources and physical workspaces.

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Empower Your Authentication Journey

Crescendo FIDO can be used in stand-alone mode or combined with the Credential Management System (CMS) to securely issue and manage high assurance credentials.

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