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Easy and Converged Access
Backed by Strong Security

How can you avoid exposing your organization to too many unnecessary — and expensive — risks without impacting workforce productivity? The HID Crescendo portfolio provides convenient and secure authentication for all IT resources and physical workspaces in a single, converged credential.

Key Benefits

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Enable the right security for the right user with passwordless, phishing-resistant and traditional multi-factor authentication
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Maximized Investments

Choose the paths that best support your evolving business needs with the broadest range of authentication methods and form factors
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Compliance Aligned

Address strict compliance and cyber insurance requirements with the trusted industry leader

Find the Right Fit for Your Employees

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HID Crescendo Key Series

Crescendo security keys offer strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) and passwordless authentication that enhance remote access security, eliminating the need for a smart card reader for employees on the go.

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HID Crescendo Smart Card Series

Crescendo Smart Cards can be used as a universal credential — a corporate badge that offers both physical access to facilities and passwordless access to digital enterprise resources, like workstation login and network access.

Step Up Your Security

Designed to be easy and fast to deploy, the Crescendo portfolio enables organizations to adopt a zero-trust security approach, protecting personal and corporate data while meeting compliance and cybersecurity requirements. The portfolio includes FIDO2, PKI, and OATH for logical access.

Crescendo authenticators can be used both as stand-alone products or with our multi-factor authentication ecosystem, such as the Credential Management System (CMS) and DigitalPersona, for organizations looking for a large-scale security implementation and for highly regulated industries. 

What Sets Us Apart

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Dual Interface Corporate Badge

We provide one smart card for logical and physical access, with the broadest range of physical access technologies in one device.
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End-to-End Solution

HID is one-stop-shop from the hardware to the ecosystem. One PIN to access multiple logical access technologies.
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We provide choice — the form factors, logical security services and physical access technologies that best fit your use case.
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High Assurance

We deliver authentication assurance level in strictly regulated industries, as per the NISP SP 800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines.
HID® Crescendo® Key™ Series HID® Crescendo® Key™ Series Security keys for strong multi-factor and passwordless authentication with support for FIDO, PKI and OATH
HID® Crescendo® Smart Card Series HID® Crescendo® Smart Card Series High security authentication smart card with support for FIDO, PKI, OATH and physical access technologies

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