HID Crescendo

PKI & FIDO Authentication and more


HID® Crescendo® authenticators provide organizations with high assurance digital credentials by leveraging certified cryptography in accordance with NIST high authenticator assurance level SP800-63 IAL2 / IAL3. A strong identity is the foundation of zero trust security and helps organizations protect personal and corporate data as well as meet regulatory requirements. 

Crescendo smartcards which serve as an employee visual ID corporate badge, can be used for workstation logon, network access, email and document signing and encryption. In addition to smartcards other form factors are available including smart USB keys. Crescendo authenticators implement multiple protocols including FIDO2, PIV/PKI and OATH to ensure interoperability with the widest range of applications. 

Crescendo authenticators can be used by themselves and can also be managed by HID’s solutions, for organizations deploying security at scale.

HID Crescendo Key Series HID Crescendo Key Series Security keys for strong multi-factor and passwordless authentication with support for FIDO, PKI and OATH
HID Crescendo Smart Card Series HID Crescendo Smart Card Series High security authentication smart card with support for FIDO, PKI, OATH and physical access technologies

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