HID Mobile Access - Compatible Devices

This list of mobile devices is regularly updated to show those deemed to be compatible with the latest version of the HID® Mobile Access® app. Devices are marked as compatible on a reliability scale where high reliability indicates that customers experience high success rate in opening. Less common devices may therefore not be listed, although compatible. Due to the vast number of devices, their countless subversions, country-specific settings, and network operator-specific settings, we cannot test all available variations.

Last updated: January 2024
Latest HID Mobile Access app versions: 4.4.0 for Android, 4.4.0 for iOS
Minimum supported operating systems: Android 9 or later and iOS 14 and later

AppleNothing Phone
hmd globalSamsung
HuaweiTechno Mobile Limited


very highCompatible — Very High Reliability
highCompatible — High Reliability
mediumCompatible — Medium Reliability
lowCompatible — Low Reliability
?Unknown Compatibility
*Subject to participation in the employee badge in Apple Wallet program.



iPhone 15very-highvery-high


iPhone 15 Plusvery-highvery-high


iPhone 15 Provery-highvery-high


iPhone 15 Pro Maxvery-highvery-high


iPhone 14very-highvery-high


iPhone 14 Plusvery-highvery-high


iPhone 14 Provery-highvery-high


iPhone 14 Pro Maxvery-highvery-high


iPhone 13very-highvery-high


iPhone 13 Minivery-highvery-high


iPhone 13 Provery-highvery-high


iPhone 13 Pro Maxvery-highvery-high


iPhone 12very-highvery-high


iPhone 12 minivery-highvery-high


iPhone 12 Provery-highvery-high


iPhone 12 Pro Maxvery-highvery-high


iPhone 11very-highvery-high


iPhone 11 Provery-highvery-high


iPhone 11 Pro Maxvery-highvery-high


iPhone Xvery-highvery-high


iPhone XRvery-highvery-high


iPhone XSvery-highvery-high


iPhone XS Maxvery-highvery-high


iPhone 8very-highvery-high


iPhone 8 Plusvery-highvery-high


iPhone 7very-highvery-high


iPhone 7 Plusvery-highvery-high


iPhone SEvery-highvery-high


iPhone Severy-highvery-high


* iOS Beta OS releases are not supported


ZenFone 8 / ASUS 8Zhighvery-high
ZenFone 9highvery-high


Fairphone 3highvery high
Fairphone 4highvery high


Pixel 2highvery high
Pixel 2 XLhighvery high
Pixel 3highvery high
Pixel 3 XLmediumvery high
Pixel 3ahighvery high
Pixel 3a XLmediumvery high
Pixel 4highvery high
Pixel 4 XLhighvery high
Pixel 4ahighvery high
Pixel 4a (5G)highvery high
Pixel 5highvery high
Pixel 5a 5Gmediumvery high
Pixel 6highvery high
Pixel 6 Prohighvery high
Pixel 6amediumvery high
Pixel 7highvery high
Pixel 7 Prohighvery high

HMD Global

Nokie 8.3 5Ghighvery high
Nokia G21highvery high
Nokia X100highvery high
Nokia XR20highvery high


Honor 50very highvery high
Honor 70very highvery high
Honor X7very high?
Honor X8very high?


FIG-LX1highvery high
HONOR 20highvery high
HUAWEI P smart 2019highvery high
HUAWEI P30highvery high
HUAWEI P30 Litehighvery high
Mate 10 Provery highvery high
Mate 20 litehigh?
Mate 20 Prohighvery high
P10 litehighvery high
P20highvery high
P20 litehighvery high
P20 Prohighvery high
P30 Prohighvery high
HUAWEI Y8shigh?
HUAWEI P smart Prohigh?
HUAWEI Mate 20highvery high
HUAWEI Mate 20 Litehighvery high
HONOR 9Xhighvery high


LG G7 ThinQhighvery high
LG G8 ThinQhighvery high
VELVEThighvery high
K71highvery high
LG V60 ThinQhighvery high
K61highvery high


Surface Duo 2highvery high


moto e(7)high?
moto e? Plushigh?
moto e20high?
moto e40high?
moto e6highvery high
moto g 5G (2022)/td>high?
moto g play (2021)high?
moto g power (2021)high?
moto g power (2022)high?
moto g stylus (2021)high?
moto g stylus (2022)high?
moto g stylus 5Gmedium?
moto g stylus 5G (2022)mediumvery high
moto g(20)highvery high
moto g(30)highvery high
moto g(50) 5Ghighvery high
moto g(60)highvery high
moto g(7)high?
moto g(7) plushighvery high
moto g(7) powerhighvery high
moto g(8) plushighvery high
moto g(8) powerhigh?
moto g(8) power litehigh?
moto g(9)highvery high
moto g(9) playhighvery high
moto g(9) plushighvery high
moto g(9) powerhighvery high
moto g22highvery high
moto g31high?
moto g41highvery high
moto g52highvery high
moto g82 5Ghighvery high
Moto Z(3)highvery high
Moto Z4highvery high
motorola edge (2021)highvery high
motorola edge 20highvery high
motorola edge 20 fusionhighvery high
motorola edge 30highvery high
motorola edge 30 fusionhighvery high
motorola edge 30 neohighvery high
motorola edge 30 prohighvery high
motorola edge 5G UW (2021)highvery high
motorola edge plus 5G UW (2021)highvery high
motorola one 5G UWhighvery high
motorola one 5G UW acehighvery high
motorola one actionhighvery high
motorola one fusionhigh?
motorola one fusion+high?
motorola one macrohigh?
motorola one visionhighvery high
moto g(6) plushighvery high
moto g powerhigh?
moto g(100)highvery high
moto e(7) plushigh?
moto e(7) playhigh?
moto g200 5Ghighvery high
moto g71 5Ghighvery high
moto g stylushigh?

Nothing Phone

Nothing Phone (1)highvery high


OnePlus 10 Pro 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus 10R 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus 10T 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus 6highvery high
OnePlus 7highvery high
OnePlus 7 Prohighvery high
OnePlus 7Thighvery high
OnePlus 7T Prohighvery high
OnePlus 8highvery high
OnePlus 8 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus 8 Prohighvery high
OnePlus 8Thighvery high
OnePlus 8T+ 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus 9 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus 9 Pro 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus 9Pro 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus 9RT 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus Nordhighvery high
OnePlus Nord 2T 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus Nord CE 2highvery high
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus Nord CE 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus Nord N10 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus Nord N20 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus Nord N200 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus Nord2 5Ghighvery high
OnePlus5highvery high
OnePlus5Thighvery high
OnePlus6Thighvery high
OnePlus9Rhighvery high


A5 2020highvery high
A53highvery high
A53shighvery high
A57highvery high
A72highvery high
A9 2020highvery high
CPH2021highvery high
CPH2145highvery high
CPH2173highvery high
CPH2195highvery high
CPH2207highvery high
CPH2211highvery high
CPH2239highvery high
CPH2249highvery high
CPH2251highvery high
CPH2271highvery high
CPH2293highvery high
Find X2 Prohighvery high
Find X5highvery high
Find X5 Prohighvery high
OPPO Reno8 5Ghighvery high
OPPO Reno8 Pro 5Ghighvery high
Reno 4Z 5Ghighvery high
Reno Zhighvery high
Reno2 Zhighvery high
Reno5 Litehighvery high
CPH2197highvery high
OPPO Reno7 5Ghighvery high
OPPO Reno7highvery high
CPH1907highvery high
A74highvery high


realme 6highvery high
realme 6 Prohighvery high
realme 7highvery high
realme 7 Prohighvery high
realme 8 Prohighvery high
realme XThighvery high
realme GT Neo 2highvery high
realme 5Prohigh?
realme 8highvery high


Galaxy A02high?
Galaxy A02shighvery high
Galaxy A03high?
Galaxy A03 Corehigh?
Galaxy A03shigh?
Galaxy A10highvery high
Galaxy A10ehigh?
Galaxy A10shigh?
Galaxy A11high?
Galaxy A12highvery high
Galaxy A13highvery high
Galaxy A13 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A20highvery high
Galaxy A20ehighvery high
Galaxy A20shigh?
Galaxy A21highvery high
Galaxy A21shighvery high
Galaxy A22highvery high
Galaxy A22 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A23highvery high
Galaxy A23 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A30high?
Galaxy A30shighvery high
Galaxy A31highvery high
Galaxy A32highvery high
Galaxy A32 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A33 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A40highvery high
Galaxy A41highvery high
Galaxy A42 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A5(2017)highvery high
Galaxy A50highvery high
Galaxy A51highvery high
Galaxy A51 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A52highvery high
Galaxy A52 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A52s 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A53 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A53 5G UWhighvery high
Galaxy A6highvery high
Galaxy A7 (2018)highvery high
Galaxy A70highvery high
Galaxy A71highvery high
Galaxy A71 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A72highvery high
Galaxy A73 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A8 (2018)highvery high
Galaxy A80highvery high
Galaxy A9 (2018)highvery high
Galaxy F23 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy F41high?
Galaxy F62highvery high
Galaxy J5lowvery high
Galaxy J6highvery high
Galaxy J6+highvery high
Galaxy J8high?
Galaxy M12highvery high
Galaxy M21highvery high
Galaxy M23 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy M30high?
Galaxy M30shigh?
Galaxy M31highvery high
Galaxy M31smedium?
Galaxy M32highvery high
Galaxy M32 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy M33 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy M51highvery high
Galaxy M52 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy M53 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy Note10highvery high
Galaxy Note10 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy Note10 Litehighvery high
Galaxy Note10+highvery high
Galaxy Note10+ 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy Note20highvery high
Galaxy Note20 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy Note20 Ultrahighvery high
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy Note8highvery high
Galaxy Note9highvery high
Galaxy S10highvery high
Galaxy S10 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S10 Litehighvery high
Galaxy S10+highvery high
Galaxy S10ehighvery high
Galaxy S20highvery high
Galaxy S20 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S20 FEhighvery high
Galaxy S20 FE 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S20+highvery high
Galaxy S20+ 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S21 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S21 FE 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S21+ 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy S22highvery high
Galaxy S22 Ultrahighvery high
Galaxy S22+highvery high
Galaxy S7highvery high
Galaxy S7 Edgehighvery high
Galaxy S8highvery high
Galaxy S8 Activehighvery high
Galaxy S8+highvery high
Galaxy S9highvery high
Galaxy S9+highvery high
Galaxy Tab Ahigh?
Galaxy Tab A8high?
Galaxy XCover 4shighvery high
Galaxy XCover 5highvery high
Galaxy XCover Prohighvery high
Galaxy Z Flip3 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy Z Flip4highvery high
Galaxy Z Fold2 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy Z Fold3 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy Z Fold4highvery high
Galaxy S23highvery high
Galaxy S23+highvery high
Galaxy S23 Ultrahighvery high
Galaxy A14 5Ghighvery high
Galaxy A54 5Ghighvery high


Xperia 1 IIIhighvery high
Xperia 1 IVhighvery high
Xperia 10 IIIhighvery high
Xperia 5 IIIhighvery high


CAMON 18Phighvery high


V2050highvery high
V2058highvery high
V2109highvery high
V2110highvery high
V2130highvery high
vivo 1935highvery high


REVVL V+ 5G/td>highvery high


MI 10highvery high
MI 10 lite 5Ghighvery high
MI 10Thighvery high
MI 10T Litehighvery high
MI 10T Prohighvery high
MI 11highvery high
MI 11 Litehighvery high
MI 11 Lite 5Ghighvery high
MI 11ihighvery high
MI 8highvery high
MI 8 Litehigh?
MI 9highvery high
MI 9 SEhighvery high
MI A2high?
MI A3high?
MI Note 10 Litehighvery high
POCO F1high?
POCO F2 Prohighvery high
POCO F3highvery high
POCO M3high?
POCO M4 Prohighvery high
POCO M4 Pro 5Ghighvery high
POCO X3 NFChighvery high
POCO X3 Prohighvery high
POCO X4 Pro 5Ghighvery high
Redmi Note 6 Prohigh?
Redmi Note 7 Prohigh?
Redmi 10highvery high
Redmi 10 2022high?
Redmi 10Chighvery high
Redmi 5 Plushigh?
Redmi 8high?
Redmi 9highvery high
Redmi 9 Powerhigh?
Redmi 9Ahigh?
Redmi 9Chigh?
Redmi 9Thighvery high
Redmi K20 Prohighvery high
Redmi Note 10high?
Redmi Note 10 5Ghighvery high
Redmi Note 10 Prohighvery high
Redmi Note 10 Pro Maxhigh?
Redmi Note 10Shighvery high
Redmi Note 11highvery high
Redmi Note 11 Prohighvery high
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5Ghighvery high
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5Ghigh?
Redmi Note 11Shighvery high
Redmi Note 11T 5Ghigh?
Redmi Note 5 Prohigh?
Redmi Note 8high?
Redmi Note 8Thighvery high
Redmi Note 9 Prohighvery high
Redmi Note 9 Pro Maxhigh?
Redmi Note 9Xhigh?
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEhighvery high
Xiaomi 11 Lite NEhighvery high
Xiaomi 11Thighvery high
Xiaomi 11T Prohighvery high
Xiaomi 12highvery high
Xiaomi 12 Litehighvery high
Xiaomi 12 Prohighvery high
Xiaomi 12Thighvery high
Xiaomi 12T Prohighvery high
Redmi 10X 4Ghighvery high
MI CC 9highvery high
Redmi Note 7high?
Mi 9Thighvery high
Mi 9T Prohighvery high
MI CC9 Prohighvery high