HID® ArcID™ Mobile

Rapid ID solution for law enforcement
HID ArcID Mobile

HID ArcID Mobile is a mobile app designed to run on an Android™ or iOS phone that performs rapid or fast identification for law enforcement. The software can be paired with a mobile fingerprint reader (HID NOMAD™ 30 Pocket Reader) and run on existing mobile phones that law enforcement officers already have and use — in the field or in offices.

The ArcID Mobile app can also be used with HID Commander software to centrally manage a fleet of phones as a part of rapid or fast identification.

Key Benefits:

  • Low cost of ownership — the app can be easily downloaded to existing mobile phones and uses existing secure communications, removing the need to buy expensive dedicated devices to perform rapid ID
  • Fast deployment — unlike standardized software, ArcID Mobile is built for customization and easy deployment
  • Large scale usage — low cost and integration with the NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader make it easier to put the solution into the hands of more officers
  • Easy adoption — the solution simply adds an easy-to-use app to the officer’s mobile phone, eliminating the need to learn a completely new device