HID® eProx™ MCM

125 kHz multi-chip OEM reader module
eProx MCM Model 4025 OEM Reader Module

The eProx MCM is a 125 kHz multi-chip reader module that provides the functions of an HID proximity reader on a single integrated circuit. Ideally suited for OEMs, it can be easily integrated to an existing electronic module and can also be surface-mounted to an existing PCB. The eProx MCM enables RFID technology to be added to a wide array of electronic devices, including alarm panels, electronic door locks, biometric readers, logical access devices and process control equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Interoperable reader solution: Can be used to make your own reader built with Genuine HID Technology while retaining your own design aesthetics and product identity
  • Optimized cost: Allows you to share existing components, such as LED, beeper, voltage regulator and transient suppression in the OEM module, thereby reducing development and per-unit costs
  • Single integrated circuit: Designed with a single integrated circuit that can be surface-mounted onto an existing PCB
  • Security: Recognizes card formats of up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion unique codes including all HID short and long formats, as well as the highly secure Corporate 1000® card formats
  • External interface: Offers outputs in either Wiegand or Clock-and-Data protocols so you can control its behavior by numerous input lines, including beeper, multicolor LED, card present and hold lines