HID® Guardian™ 100 Tenprint Scanner

High quality flat fingerprint capture
HID Guardian 100 Tenprint Scanner

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Designed to address the challenges associated with high volume identity management applications, the Guardian 100 provides the simplest, fastest and highest quality certified flat fingerprint capture for civil applications.

Ideally suited for applicant enrollment and background check applications, the Guardian 100 scanner delivers quality, proven reliability and a reduced total cost of ownership for your organization.

Key Benefits:

  • Tenprint flat fingerprint capture for civil applications
  • Appendix F certified (FAP 60)
  • Superior wet and dry flat fingerprint capture without recalibration or preconditioning
  • Intuitive instructions via illuminated pictograms to capture images correctly the first time
  • Intelligent capture features ensure quality and efficiency
  • Smooth integration for developers with L Scan™ Essentials SDK (included)
  • Seamless integration with optional HID biometric software applications

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