This product has been discontinued . View end-of-life status for HID Global products .
Here is its replacement product: HID® OMNIKEY® SE Reader Core

HID® iCLASS® SE™ Reader Module

iCLASS SE® reader modules for mobility and connectivity
iClass SE embedded module

In an increasingly mobile-first world, the need to integrate mobile connectivity into products and services is rapidly growing. iCLASS SE Reader Modules allow integrators to design third-party solutions that support mobility via near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Smart alongside a full range of contactless card technologies.

The iCLASS SE Reader Module’s dual frequency capability allows the simultaneous use of both high and low frequency credentials on the same reader for mixed credential applications. The updated modules also provide new features including enhanced autonomous mode functions for easier host integration and low temperature capabilities for use in harsh environments.

To simplify and speed integration, HID provides an iCLASS SE Reader Module Developer Tool Kit (DTK) containing the necessary tools, documentation and developer resources to shorten integration cycles and reduce time to market with finished products.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible — Simultaneously supports low and high frequency credentials, including iCLASS Seos®, HID Prox®, iCLASS SE, MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE DESFire® EV1; supports NFC and Bluetooth for mobile devices
  • Manageable — Firmware is field-upgradable to extend the lifecycle of customer installations
  • Compliant — Supports strictest security standards such as EAL5+  to aid regulatory compliance and restricted access to corporate resources
  • Versatile — Offers third-party products the ability to securely interoperate with the iCLASS SE platform, connecting access control across the organization

The iCLASS SE Reader Module is a dual-frequency, embeddable device allowing third-party devices to support mobility via near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth Smart alongside a full range of contactless card technologies.

RF Transmit Frequency:

  • 13.56MHz +/- 50ppm   High Frequency
  • 125kHz +/- 1kHz   Low Frequency (Prox)
  • 2.4GHz – 2.48GHz   Bluetooth® Smart (with optional iCLASS SE Reader Module BLE Xtender)

Supported Credentials and IC's:

  • 13.56MHz: • iCLASS Standard/SE/SR/Seos®; PIV II, Secure Identity Object® (SIO®), MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire 0.6, MIFARE DESFire EV1
  • 125kHz: HID Prox, Indala Prox, EM4102, AWID Prox
  • BLE: Mobile devices featuring Bluetooth 4.x (or higher), Android 4.3 (or higher), iOS 7 (or higher)

Operating Temperature:

  • -31 to 149°F (-35 to 66°C)

Power Requirements:

  • Supply voltage 3.6 – 10V DC
  • Supply voltage 5-10V (HF+LF)

Power Consumption:

  • <120 mA during card polling
  • <10 uA in ultra low power mode
    Note: An additional 75mA is drawn by the heater circuit in temperatures below -31°F (-35°C)

Transmission Rate:

  • Up to 848kb/s (depending on IC & OS)

Hardware Interface:

  • Wiegand, Clock-and-Data, or UART

Global Certifications:

  • UL Recognition (Recognized Component) to UL294 for the USA and CSA C22.2 No. 205 for Canada. CE, FCC 47 Part 15 modular approval, RoHS, WEEE


  • Bluetooth
  • Extender – Provides compatibility with HID Mobile Access utilizing Bluetooth Smart and includes Bluetooth Smart Antenna and coaxial cable
  • HF Antennas
    • - 34 x 48mm (1.34 x 1.89 in)
    • - 38 x 83mm (1.5 x 3.26 in)
  • LF Antenna
    • 65 x 28mm (2.56 x 1.10 in)
  • Combined HF & LF Antenna
    • - 34 x 48mm (1.34 x 1.89 in)