HID® OMNIKEY® SE Reader Core

Modules for an ecosystem of access
HID® OMNIKEY® SE Reader Core

The OMNIKEY Secure Element Reader Core is “what’s next” in intelligent physical and logical access for connected workplaces, healthcare environments, educational campuses, office buildings and beyond. 

It allows integrators to next-level mobile functionality into multiple devices — from doors, elevators, turnstiles and locks to time and attendance, smart lockers, EV charging and more.

The OMNIKEY SE Reader Core fortifies integration capabilities and provides partners and customers with a seamless pathway to the expanding universe of convenient, trusted physical and digital access.

Key Features

  • OMNIKEY Platform — Be part of the realm where multilayer security provides additional data protection, and mobile access is enabled via NFC or BLE communication protocols for smartphones and other devices that utilize iCLASS® and Seos® technology
  • Future Proof — Preserve IT investments with a platform designed to evolve and accommodate new use cases as they come to market
  • External Antenna — Allows integrators to bypass mechanical integration constraints and adds flexibility to incorporate broader credential technologies
  • Triple Frequency — Able to read high and low frequency credentials including support for HID Mobile Access via BLE and Apple Wallet
  • Choice — Select from two reader options (standard with additional connectors or mini with a 30-way connector optimized for small footprints)
  • External API Mode — Includes “single command set” for easy reader control, firmware upgrades and configuration
  • Uncomplicated Upgrade — Graduate from iCLASS SE Reader Modules to the same external footprint, continue using existing external LF/HF antennas, and access BLE hardware that’s now included (so no need for an additional BLE Xtender module)
hand holding HID® OMNIKEY® SE Reader Core