HID® Passports

Machine readable and electronic passports combining high levels of integrity and technology

HID works in partnership with governments to design and manufacture passports that integrate the highest levels of integrity, technology and workmanship — while also reflecting their unique cultural identities. We produce machine readable passports (MRPs), electronic passports (with or without a polycarbonate datapage) and passport cards.

Passports are highly regulated documents, sharing 95% of the same security features from one country to the next. What separates one passport from another are the features that go beyond the standards — layered together so that they can’t be duplicated by counterfeiters.

Passport Manufacturing

Every process involved in our passport production is ISO 14298 and CWA 15374 certified by Intergraf to deliver ICAO 9303 compliant booklets. From design and component manufacturing to booklet assembly, we take care of all the critical steps to deliver a complete passport solution.

We also offer components to national printers and partners that choose to manufacture passport booklets at their own facilities.

Passport Security Features

Passport security features range from those that are widely used — like watermarking, raised Intaglio printing and optically variable ink (ovi) — to more bespoke features like personalized windows (also see HID Mirage), secure hinges (also see HID Safelink) and changeable or multiple laser images (CLI/MLI). Features may be printed, embossed or integrated into the structure itself. Inherent security comes from combining multiple features that are difficult to come by, produce and/or copy.

Passport Components

From eCovers to datapages, HID incorporates data protection and durability into every component and finished passport.

  • Polycarbonate (PC) Datapages — The most complex, protected aspect of the document requires the most stringent security features. Housing the most personalized data, datapages are heavily inspected by border control officers. Get more detail on our specialized safeguards and options for PC datapages here.
  • eCovers — A convenient way to upgrade a non-electronic passport to an ePassport is to directly attach the chip in the cover. HID offers covers with a chip inlay attached to facilitate easy incorporation into the booklet manufacturing process.
  • Inlay Types and Materials — HID offers two different types of inlays: paper and Teslin. Our paper inlays enable easy booklet opening and closing, feature a security structure which makes physical attacks immediately visible, and can also be provided with an RFID shield. Our Teslin inlays provide a tear-resistant synthetic alternative that give a soft feel to the booklet.
  • Other Components — Other components involved in creating a passport include security paper, sewing thread, transfer ribbon and reinforcement tape, all of which contribute to the protection and durability of the passport booklet.
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