HID® Sense Industrial

Combining high-performance IoT with durable devices designed for harsh industrial settings
A group of HID Sense Industrial beacons

The HID Sense Industrial beacons are robust and durable Bluetooth® Low Energy beacons for indoor and outdoor use. Their waterproof, ultra-rugged construction with impact ratings up to IK11, makes them ideal for industrial IoT applications in harsh environments, such as yard management, construction, oil & gas and more.

The Sense Asset is a rugged, general-purpose Bluetooth® LE beacon that acts as an anchor for wayfinding or information advertising systems in harsh indoor or outdoor environments. 

The Sense Badge Holder is designed to hold standard ID cards with or without RFID and add real-time location capabilities.

The Sense Lite is a powerful small form factor asset/personnel tracker device. It benefits from a user replaceable battery which allows the product to be serviced in the field and extends the product life.

The Sense Asset+ is an ultra-rugged active device that support Bluetooth® LE for indoor short-range and LoRaWAN for outdoor long-range applications. Its built-in GNSS support allows for tracking its position without nearby gateways (see more details here).

Many models are available with an optional Ex certification for use in potentially explosive environments.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy — for indoor positioning as well as activating alert
  • Rugged Design — for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor use
  • Bright LED — for quickly identifying individual assets

HID can customize Sense IoT devices to fit your unique requirements.

For more information, contact [email protected].

  • Rugged form factors
  • Multiple fixation options
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1
  • Sensors: accelerometer, push button, temperature sensor
  • -20°C to +60°C, accuracy +/- 2°C temperature sensor range
  • Red LED indicator
HID® Sense Industrial family
HID® Sense Industrial family
HID® Sense Industrial family
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