Acuity Linen Management Applications

Inventory solutions for industrial laundries, hospitality & healthcare.

Real-Time Linen Inventory Visibility

Our complete solution combines cloud software suites, SaaS (software as a service) applications, web portals and RFID technology (RFID tags and reading stations) to provide a unique and innovative, all-in-one platform that individually tracks and traces linen items in real-time throughout their maintenance and use cycle. The Acuity platform seamlessly integrates into existing laundry processes, to deliver critical information through online reports and interactive dashboards. It improves daily business operations by managing linen flows, clean versus soiled linen usage, dormant stocks and linen losses at the laundry and at customer sites.

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Acuity for Industrial Laundries

With clear visibility into your customer linen stocks, you can focus on reducing your total cost of operation and on making relevant business decisions.

Acuity, HID Textile Service’s linen management platform, enables you to automatically count and trace your linen in real time at each step of the laundry cycle and at your customer sites.

Placed strategically throughout your laundry plant, RFID-enabled fixed and mobile equipment specifically designed for rough and challenging industrial laundry environments (e.g., humidity, heat, rough handling) collect data from RFID tags discreetly embedded in the linen.

Acuity Use Cases — Industrial Laundries

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Reduce Linen Losses & Save on Linen Purchases

Gain real-time visibility over your linen inventory. Accurately track and monitor linen usage and life-cycle durability. Increase customer linen rotations to reduce your overall inventory capacity and eliminate dormant stocks.
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Streamline Your Laundry Processes & Save on Total Cost of Operation

Obtain rapid and reliable linen counts at every step of your laundry cycle. Enable accurate and timely billing. Improve laundry production planning, reduce shortage situations and anticipate customer requirements.
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Enable Real-Time Operational and Business Decisions

Access our cloud-based platform for real-time dashboards & reports on your linen stock levels, laundry cycle flows & trends on linen usage by your customers. Leverage the benefits of data generated by RFID technology to optimize business decisions.

Acuity for Hospitality

Linen inventory distortion from out-of-stocks and overstocks costs the hospitality industry worldwide $250 to $350 million annually through:

  • Incorrect linen assortment planning and allocation
  • Increased linen purchases and associated linen management costs
  • Weakened housekeeping service quality
  • Lost room sales
  • Declines in customer satisfaction
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Acuity Use Cases — Hospitality

Our linen inventory management solution provides real-time insights into your linen inventory and availability. This level of visibility is key to reducing — or even eliminating — shortages and overstocks by establishing accurate inventory. Use this valuable cloud-based, real-time information to:

  • Ensure you have sufficient linen in stock to meet your daily demand
  • Optimize operations in your housekeeping department and reduce linen management labor costs
  • Confidently prevent vacated rooms from not being re-let because of insufficient linen stock, resulting in loss of sales and revenue
  • Control the service quality of your laundry suppliers
  • Keep your customers happy and your profit margins high

Acuity for Healthcare

In addition to the complexity of quickly processing tons of textile items per week and managing increased labor and operating costs, healthcare facilities are also facing an ever-more demanding clientele.

Our Acuity linen inventory management solution, backed by the expertise, experience and innovation we are known for, provides a real-time sight line into your linen inventory and availability, and helps you reduce your linen services operating costs while increasing your patient security and satisfaction.

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Acuity Use Cases — Healthcare

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Reduce Time and Cost to Manage Linen and Uniforms

Our linen tracking and inventory management solution, embedded with rapid, accurate RFID technology, makes counting and controlling clean and soiled linen more efficient and eliminates manual errors.
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Improve Linen Availability

Our platform automatically tracks clean and soiled items continuously, in real time through the entire linen cycle, reducing dormant stocks and ensuring healthcare service quality standards.
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Ensure Linen Rotation to Prevent Spread of Infection

Our linen visibility platform ensures that your medical linen service is optimized and efficient, with regular rotations of your stored linen to keep it fresh and free from communicable diseases.
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Solution Components

Acuity is an advanced, proven technology platform that combines powerful software suites, RFID tags, hardware and services to adapt to ever-evolving requirements of linen stock volumes and multiple site deployments. Explore the solutions that are available meet the needs of your most complex linen inventory challenges.

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