Air Travel Document Reading

Passport scanners and boarding gate readers for efficient passenger processing and identity verification.

Efficient Passenger Processing in Airports

Long passenger processing times, congestion in the airport and operational issues caused by travelers not moving through the terminal speedily enough, are common problems for airports and airlines.

High performance ID document readers, passport scanners and boarding gate ticket readers ensure information is obtained rapidly from travel and ID documents to help facilitate a smooth passenger journey and keep everyone on schedule.

Fueled by Our Access-IS Heritage

Consisting of devices resulting from HID’s acquisition of Access-IS, our document readers and scanners have continually set high standards in performance to resolve passenger processing challenges with advanced technologies.

Many of the world’s largest airlines and airports turn to our class-leading devices where intuitive operation and reliability are critical.

Why Use HID Document Readers and Passport Scanners to Process Passengers?

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Quicker Passenger Processing

Easy-to-use readers that scan documents and tickets rapidly from all media types
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Versatile Deployment

Options to suit desktop use, OEM integration into kiosks and e-gates, or mobile deployment
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Enhanced Passenger Experiences

Innovative designs and functionality enable a truly intuitive user experience
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Easily expand device functionality and update firmware
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Face-up or Face-Down Scanning

A choice of boarding gate readers to suit individual requirements
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Connectivity Choice

Compatible with common-use platforms or dedicated systems
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IATA Compatible

Reads IATA-recommended 1D/2D barcode symbologies
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Durable Devices

Proven to withstand years of public use in multiple airport settings

Trusted Globally

of the top 50 busiest airports rely on HID’s Access-IS products 74%

Efficient Passenger Processing at Every Step

From barcode and boarding pass readers to the latest state-of-the-art passport scanners, HID devices swiftly read ID documents and visas and verify the authenticity of boarding passes to help process passengers efficiently at every step.

Woman checking in at an airport staffed desk

At Check-in
(Staffed Desks)

For Advance Passenger Information:

HID AKB500 Keyboard >>

HID OCR316e Swipe Reader >>

For 2D barcoded boarding passes: HID TripTick Halo 200 >>

Woman checking in at an airport self-service kiosk

At Check-in
(Self-Service Kiosks)

For 1D/2D barcoded boarding passes:

HID TripTick™ >>


HID LSR116 >>

ticket kiosk at airport

At Bag-Drop
(Self-Service Kiosks)

For ID documents: HID ATOM™ >>

For 2D barcoded boarding passes: HID TripTick >>

people scanning IDs at airport

At Pre-Security
(Staffed & Auto-Gates)

For passports and ID documents: HID ATOM >>

For 2D barcoded boarding passes: HID TripTick >>

Boarding gate reader scanning a mobile boarding pass

At the
Boarding Gate

For face-up scanning of boarding passes: HID BGR700 >>

For face-down scanning of boarding passes with optional biometric face check: HID BGR750 >>


Agent processing a passport at border control

At Border

For passports and ID documents: HID ATOM >>

Our Reader Technologies

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Barcode Scanning

Reads IATA BCBP standard compliant barcode symbologies on all media types
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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Reads text in the machine-readable zone of passports, visas, ID cards and driver's licenses
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Magnetic Stripe Reading (MSR)

Reads magnetic stripe data of frequent flyer cards and bank payment cards
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Multi-Illumination Imaging

Captures high-resolution, uncompressed document scan images using visible, IR or UV light
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Reads contactless smart cards powered by RFID technology
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Reads smart devices and cards equipped with NFC technology

Passport Scanning Efficiency Through Innovative Product Design

Innovative “shark fin” document guides featured in the HID ATOM full-page document reader ensure that even the most widely traveled passports quickly slide onto the glass, automatically easing down bent corners for a perfect first-time read.

passport reader

For the Ultimate Document Reading Flexibility in Passenger Processing

When passenger processing requirements change quickly in the terminal, you need a device that can respond accordingly and read passenger documentation on demand.

The BGR750, with ethernet connectivity, can be deployed rapidly and in any location, enabling passenger documentation to be scanned without needing a PC connection.

Flexible and Modular Air Passenger Identity Verification Solutions

HID ID document readers form part of our modular identity verification portfolio for airlines and airports. Operators can add individual technology elements quickly and easily to existing systems without having to “rip-and-replace” or perform costly migrations to a new platform.

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