ID Verification for Casino and Gambling Facilities

Protect against illegal gamblers and streamline the ID checking process.

Quickly Know Who You’re Dealing With

Casinos, gambling halls and sports betting shops must verify the identity of customers with certainty and speed to comply with regulations, safeguard profits and prevent illegal gambling — all while providing a streamlined access and registration experience.

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The Importance of Age Verification & Player Protection

Screening customers to prevent under-age betting and supporting player protection initiatives is essential for gambling businesses. Failure to comply with applicable laws and act responsibly can lead to large financial penalties. 

Using the right ID scanner as part of an identity verification system is key for player authentication and for detecting fake or modified ID documents to deny access to minors and blacklisted players.

Key Benefits of HID’s ID Scanners for Casinos

In seconds, our casino ID scanners read and extract data from photo ID documents, such as driver’s licenses, passports and government IDs, to verify age, detect fake IDs and enable a streamlined guest experience.

Here’s what sets HID’s ID document reading technology apart:

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Increased Accuracy

Document-specific forensic tests improve data-reading accuracy of ID documents.
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Reduced Costs

Simple operator interface reduces training time and operating costs.
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Versatile Deployment

Options to suit desktop use or integration into turnstiles and kiosks.
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Rapid Identity Checks

Intuitive designs and innovative optic technology enable a fast ID checking experience.
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Simple Integration

Transfer ID document data easily and securely into third-party software and systems.
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Easier Compliance

More efficient facilitation of and compliance with regulations.

Ticket and Contactless Payment Readers for Gaming Terminals

Elegantly integrating into self-service betting terminals, video gaming terminals, video lottery terminals, slot machines and retail kiosks, the HID TripTick™ 220 conveniently reads barcode tickets, RFID tickets and takes contactless EMV payments — all via a single interface.

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Next Level Identity Assurance With Facial Recognition

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To gain a greater level of identity assurance when screening customers at casino entry points, HID’s AI-powered facial recognition technology delivers a secure, seamless and convenient experience.

Pairing patented multispectral imaging technology with AI, HID’s facial recognition technology delivers exceptional matching performance and accuracy, even in challenging lighting conditions.

We use the HID ATOM ID document reader in our customer registration modules for land-based casinos and gaming halls in Belgium because of its lightning document reading speed, reliability and ease of software integration with our own systems.

Stijn De Maeyer
Land Based Logistics
Green Island NV

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