Automated Fuel Management

Harnessing RFID for complete control of commercial fleet fuel costs and billing processes.

RFID-Enabled Fuel Management System Saves Time & Money

HID has used its position as the RFID leader to develop the leading commercial fuel management system. The HID identiFUEL™ system consists of RFID enabled components that seamlessly integrate into existing fuel management systems (FMS) to simplify and automate the process of managing commercial fleet and retail fueling stations.

Seamlessly Integrated Fuel Management Software and Hardware

identiFUEL™ is a set of easy-to-integrate components for fuel management systems, enabling fleet managers to monitor and control the fuel costs and billing of commercial fleet vehicles. FMS seamlessly integrate with third-party software-driven customer databases, business rules, vehicle pump interfaces and record transactions. An FMS implements the identiFUEL RFID components to uniquely identify authorized vehicles and drivers to dispense fuel.

The following infographic provides a brief overview of how this cohesive FMS works for your operation’s benefit:

*Items in blue circles are HID identiFUEL™ components Wireless Controller Mounted at Fueling Site Vehicle Tag Fuel Pump Vehicle Unit Mounted in Car (optional) Pump Control

Incorporating RFID into fuel management increases visibility into numerous operational functions such as monitoring and controlling costs, ensuring accurate billing, and identifying and authorizing each unique vehicle before allowing fuel to be dispensed from dedicated fueling stations.

Maximize Cost Savings With Our Fleet Fuel Management System

An HID fleet fuel management system can be used commercially at dedicated industrial stations for airport maintenance, mining and construction vehicles, government fleets, highway maintenance and refuse vehicles. Fuel management systems can also be used in retail for customer engagement programs. Customer vehicles equipped with RFID vehicle tags and RFID-enabled gas stations can implement cashless payments, efficient fueling processes and customer loyalty programs.

Key Features of RFID Fuel Management System

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Vehicle Tag

Maintenance-free tags that automate and simplify vehicle identification, available in multiple form factors and attachment options. Programmable with specific fuel type requirements and suitable for multiple vehicle styles.
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Vehicle Unit

Ultra-rugged tags can be connected to the vehicle electronics to seamlessly report valuable data on vehicle utilization, distance driven, engine cycles and other operational statistics.
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Nozzle Unit

A robust reader easily installed on the fuel dispenser to read and transmit vehicle tag data to the FMS for the authorization or prevention of fuel consumption for non-registered vehicles.
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Wireless Controller

A programmable base station to relay data picked up by nozzle or vehicle units to the FMS and activate/deactivate fuel dispersion based on FMS authorization.
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People at the forecourt didn’t have to change their routine at all, making the transition to the HID identiFUEL system seamless.

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Pump Control

HID’s Fuel Automation Partners

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