Biometrics in Retail

Reinvent customer experience while improving efficiency and security.

Evolving In-Store Interactions

Combatting retail shrink and improving the customer experience are ongoing challenges that cost retailers billions of dollars annually. Innovation in biometrics is delivering new levels of efficiency, security and customer experience as retailers turn to HID for deep industry and biometric expertise to revolutionize their brand.

How Biometrics Are Transforming Retail

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Curb Employee Time Theft

Verify who is working and when with unique biometric traits — making it impossible to fool time & attendance systems.
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End POS Fraud

Biometrics provide proof of presence, hold employees accountable for transactions and minimize POS fraud.
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Streamline Self-Checkout

Biometrics simplify and secure self-checkout — even for age-restricted items — reducing wait time for customers.
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Unobtrusive Security

Biometrics are with us all the time — they can't get lost, stolen, shared or transferred.
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Fast Log In/Out for Employees

Simply touch a finger or scan a face to log in/out of POS systems — no need to remember long passwords or fumble with badges.
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Elevate the Customer Experience

Retailers win customer loyalty when they provide a premium experience with secure, personalized services.

Transform the Retail Customer Experience With Facial Recognition

Today’s customers have high expectations — and are giving their loyalty to retailers that provide premium experiences. Watch this video to learn how biometrics can deliver personalized services and a secure, seamless shopping experience.

HID Biometric Technology Portfolio

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HID Fingerprint Readers and Modules

We offer a variety of fingerprint capture technologies, form factors and security features to ensure a perfect fit for your retail outfit.

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HID Facial Recognition Solutions

Our AI-powered facial recognition solutions quickly identify employees and customers for an efficient, secure in-store experience.

What Retailers Say About HID

Retailers around the world use HID biometrics to modernize processes around time & attendance, POS security, and self-checkouts to gain newfound levels of accuracy, efficiency, cost-savings and customer satisfaction.


McColl’s Retail Group Uses Fingerprints to Track Time and Attendance

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BMA International Foils Fraud With Fingerprints

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Extenda Retail Uses Biometrics for

Age Verification

Leader in Biometric Authentication

Frost & Sullivan evaluated the top global multimodal biometric authentication companies in its latest report – Frost Radar™: Biometric Authentication Solutions, 2022. HID was recognized as a leader in innovation and growth.

See why HID is a top choice for biometric authentication and digital ID solutions. 

Read the full report or view the infographic.

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Award Recognition for Global Product Leadership

Frost & Sullivan best practices award

Frost & Sullivan awarded HID with the 2023 Product Leadership Award for its best-in-class biometric authentication solutions. Award criteria involved a rigorous assessment of product attributes and business impact.

The impressive breadth of HID’s biometric portfolio — facial recognition, fingerprint capture, as well as tenprint and palm scanners for livescan solutions — contributed to HID earning this distinction.

See why HID biometric authentication solutions excel in the industry. Read the full report.

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Contactless Payments: Biometrics in Retail

Industry experts agree the outlook for biometrics in retail is rewarding as facial and fingerprint technologies elevate operations and the customer experience.

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Understanding the Experience Evolution

Digital transformation is happening at a profound rate in retail, and the customer experience today must be personalized, convenient and secure.

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