Fingerprint Biometrics

Biometric authentication that delivers the highest level of security and identity assurance.

The World Leader in Fingerprint Biometrics

The fingerprint is the most widely used biometric modality for identity authentication and verification due to its speed, ease-of-use, high accuracy, security and cost-effective nature.

HID is the market leader behind today’s exceptional fingerprint technologies. Our fingerprint readers and modules are successfully deployed globally to solve real-world identity authentication challenges and to protect businesses.

Leader in Biometric Authentication

Frost & Sullivan evaluated the top global multimodal biometric authentication companies in its latest report – Frost Radar™: Biometric Authentication Solutions, 2022. HID was recognized as a leader in innovation and growth.

See why HID is a top choice for biometric authentication and digital ID solutions. 

Read the full report or view the infographic.

Frost Radar™ GROWTH INDEX NEC Daon Onfida BioCatch FacePhi IDmission Incode Veridium Veridium Jumla Veridas ZK Teco Tech5 Imageware Systems Aware Trust Stamp IDEMIA Sumsub INNOVATION INDEX

Key Benefits of Fingerprint Biometrics

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Irrefutable Identity Confirmation

Provides unique biometric traits to prevent identity theft & fraud.
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User Convenience

Always with us, easy to use, and requires no password memorization.
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Maximum Security

Offers the highest level of accuracy and is non-transferable; can’t be lost, stolen or shared.


Establishes proof of presence and an audit trail by confirming who did what and when.
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Authenticates and streamlines workflows in seconds with just the touch of a finger.
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Time & Cost Savings

Eliminates password reset hassles and the need to provision/replace cards or tokens.

A Comprehensive Offering of Fingerprint Technologies

HID offers a variety of fingerprint technologies featuring varying image capture methods, security features, form factors and industry certifications. These fingerprint devices capture detailed images for enhanced template creation, matching, and presentation attack detection (PAD) and are compliant with an extensive range of biometric standards.

Whatever your use case, our lineup ensures we have a solution to meet your needs.


Optical fingerprint technology is the most mature and cost-effective for all types of use cases. The HID DigitalPersona® optical USB desktop readers and OEM modules come in a compact footprint to fit in most desktop or shared workstation settings as well as a full FAP 20 and FAP 30 version to meet government requirements.


Capacitive fingerprint readers are power efficient, well suited to battery-operated devices, and less prone to fake finger attempts. They also perform well in all lighting conditions, making them a good choice for indoor or outdoor use. The HID capacitive EikonTouch readers and TouchChip OEM modules are built in a small form factor and with durable materials, ideal for high-traffic environments such as governments, retail POS, healthcare and multi-user applications.

Multispectral Imaging (MSI)

Multispectral imaging (MSI) is an HID-patented technology capable of collecting the most difficult fingerprints in the most challenging environments. HID’s Lumidigm® MSI readers collect both the surface and subsurface fingerprint data using multiple colors of light from different angles for superior matching accuracy and liveness detection.

Thin-Film Transistor (TFT)

Our mobile wonder, the HID NOMAD™ 30 Pocket Reader and Module, are built with TFT technology to ensure high-quality image capture regardless of environment and lighting conditions. Low power consumption and an ultra-slim, lightweight design make TFT-based devices ideal for in-the-field mobile identification.

Find the Right Fit

Deep dive into HID’s fingerprint technologies to select the right solution for your needs.

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HID Single Finger Reader Product Family

Learn about different fingerprint readers and find the system most suitable to your industry and use cases.

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HID's Fingerprint Technology Offerings

All the details about HID fingerprint technology offerings are here in one brochure, including real-world use cases.

Touching So Many Industries

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Banking & Finance

Physical Access Control
Secure ATM Services
User & Transaction Authentication
Fraud Prevention
Employee Authentication
Compliance (KYC/AML)

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Physical Access Control
Prescription Chain of Custody
Compliance (HIPAA/EPCS)
Medical Fraud Prevention
Positive Patient ID
Single Sign-On

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Background Checks
Criminal Booking
Military Base Access
Benefits Distribution
Border Security
Mobile Identification
Voter Registration

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Physical Access Control
Employee Authentication
Single Sign-On
Time and Attendance
Visitor Management

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Physical Access Control
POS Security
Time and Attendance
Loss Prevention
Self-Service Checkout

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