AI-Powered Risk Management

AI-powered risk management solution with real-time threat detection for phishing protection and defense against online fraud, cyber threats and malware.

Maximum Fraud Prevention, Smooth User Experience

HID’s advanced Risk Management Solution leverages AI, machine learning, and deep behavioral intelligence to detect and prevent digital threats while prioritizing a smooth user experience.

Financial institutions can streamline multiple software using one comprehensive solution that detects, records and analyzes users’ behavioral data — to ensure zero-day protection against fraud with the highest accuracy.

Key Benefits of Our Risk Management Solution

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Seamless Consumer Experience

Undetectable to end-users, sparing them time-consuming and unnecessary authentication steps
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90% Fewer False Positives

Eliminates time and money wasted on the investigation of false threats
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90% Reduction in Authentication Costs

Machine learning, AI-supported, risk-based adaptive authentication does not rely on costly SMS verification
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Regulation Compliant

Rules-based processes make compliance with data protection and central banking legislation easy
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70% Better Detection

Stronger than traditional fraud detection, it stops cyberattacks like phishing and zero-day malware before they happen
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Simple Deployment

A single piece of code that can connect your digital environment to the cloud or on-premise is available

360° Protection Against Digital Threats From a Complete Fraud Prevention Solution

Our risk management solution encapsulates multiple forms of digital fraud and threat detection methods to provide a single, complete security suite.

Online Fraud Cyber Threats Compromised Endpoints Mobile Fraud PROTECT AGAINST FEATURING User Identity Verification PSD2 Compliance Adaptive Authentication Dynamic Application Self-Protection

How Precise Threat Detection Works

HID’s Risk Management Solution detects threats and stops fraud using a three-engine system that constantly analyzes and identifies behaviors, anomalies, and threats from end-users. 

Every movement, input or slight deviation from normal contributes to a constantly updating risk score, which determines with complete accuracy if the user should be allowed in. 

Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk ACCESS GRANTED ADD FACTOR ACCESS DENIED We recognize you. Enjoy a smooth transaction! We are not sure. Let’s try something else! Nice try. Access denied, fraudster. Behavior Engine Anomaly Engine HID Risk Management Solution Threat Engine

Backed by Innovative, AI-Powered Behavioral Intelligence Technology

HID Risk Management builds rich user profiles that combine distinct behavioral markers — like the way users click, type and swipe — with user details — such as location, device, transaction behavior – to detect risk and prevent fraudulent activity.

Combining behavioral intelligence, device intelligence and AI, our state-of-the-art method identifies fraud to the highest accuracy with fewer false positives.

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Security With a Simple Swipe

Complete your fraud prevention framework with integrated mobile banking security.

Powered by HID’s authentication platform, our award-winning HID Approve application prevents fraud at each stage of your customer journey and offers:

  • Secure mobile authentication for banking application log-in and transaction signing
  • Built-in protection for eWallets, online banking and mobile payments using a secure, 3D solution
  • Out-of-band communication protected by device-specific keys to secure channels
  • Asymmetric key cryptography to ensure that the person taking the digital action is authorized to do so

Easily Access Real-Time Analytics & Adjust Business Rules

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Rich Analytical Interface

Gain insights into a broad range of risk events, trends, and data visualizations through our intuitive dashboard
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Rule-Based Customizations

Tailor risk management strategies with rule-based customizations based on end-user actions
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Real-Time Data Monitoring

Real-time data processing for continuous security and threat detection, ensuring proactive risk mitigation
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Intuitive Design

Benefit from a user-friendly interface designed for simple implementation and easy navigation

Part of an End-to-End, Fraud-Preventing Customer Journey

From account opening and digital onboarding using AI-powered identity verification, to risk-based authentication for secure log-in and transaction signing

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The Ultimate Guide to Risk Management Solutions

Discover how to combat threats while maintaining a great user experience with the HID Fraud Prevention system​.

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KuppingerCole Executive View on HID's Global Fraud Prevention Offering

An unbiased analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of HID's Risk Management Solution, Identity Verification System and HID's mobile push authentication solution, HID Approve™.

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