Custom RFID Tags

Custom RFID tags ensure correct size, shape and tolerances for your specific project.

Custom RFID — Tags to Your Exact Requirements

There’s no “one size fits all” in RFID tag design. Whether you are looking for a reverse logistics solution, needing to track items that haven’t been tagged before or requiring unique tags to withstand harsh environments, we can help. HID offers form factors that cover small footprints, long or short range, discreet placement and more.

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From day one, you had good solutions for every challenge. We had a long list of requirements. We needed the tags to withstand extreme heat as well as extreme cold. They needed to be watertight (IP68) and counterfeit-proof so they could not be removed and re-used or copied. They needed to be lightweight but also very strong. The co-operation between our two companies was nothing less than very, very special. A beautiful product, a beautiful solution. Nothing less than great.

Léonard Smits
Legal Counsel
Container Centralen

Custom Tag Design Examples

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Very Small Tags

Our technicians have mastered maintaining a reasonable read range from a small form factor. Examples include tiny hard tags that can be hidden in small gaps or adhered to tools and small glass tubes that can be inserted into young fish.
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Heat Resistant Tags

Our tags and labels can withstand short-term exposure to extreme heat, like manufacturing processes and paint shops, as well as tags that can last for years in desert heat.
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Cold Resistant Tags

Our tags and labels can get really cold or really hot and still function. In fact, our labels can provide a temperature reading as low as -196°C. Talk to us if you have a cold chain project that needs tracking.
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Bespoke Fittings

Our fitting solutions include adhesives, specially designed rivet holes, cable ties, rugged cases able to withstand impact, injectable animal tags — and even specially designed tags to fit steel kegs, gitterboxes or cables.
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Hazardous Environments

We have a proven track record providing tags that are certified for explosive or hazardous use cases. Whether it be for compliance with C1D1, ATEX or IECEx, we can adapt your tags accordingly.

RFID Solutions for Your Unique Environments

HID technicians enjoy a challenge and have a real taste for invention. Whether your requirement is for non-metal assets, in-metal, plastic, near-liquids or in explosive or harsh environments, we can create a custom solution.

We design RFID tags that can be customized to any use case, offering tags that support all standard frequencies, including low frequency, high frequency and UHF, with memory sizes that range from 64 bit to multiple kilobytes.

Rugged RFID tags are designed to withstand the most extreme environments including:

  • Driving rain
  • Heavy snow
  • Persistent UV rays from the sun
  • Intense heat from paint-shop processing
  • Extreme cold in cryogenic applications
  • Radiation from gamma sterilization

Tags can also be customized to be food-compatible and flame resistant. 

Custom RFID Design for Container Centralen — With an Exacting Set of Requirements

Watch this customer testimonial about how a custom RFID design enables the tracking and monitoring of 4.5 million horticultural RTIs across Europe. Select tags are optimized for OEM customers to embed into other products or materials, making the tags invisible and virtually immune to mechanical damage.

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