Custom RFID Tags

Customize and build a tag based on your needs.

There Is No “One Size Fits All” in RFID

RFID systems enhance inventory accuracy, help organizations optimize logistics processes and increase productivity. 

HID Global designs RFID tags that can be customized to any use case offering tags that support all standard frequencies, including low frequency, high frequency and UHF, with memory sizes that range from 64 bit to multiple kilobytes.

Rugged RFID tags are designed to withstand the most extreme environments including:

  • Driving rain
  • Heavy snow
  • Persistent UV rays from the sun
  • Intense heat from paint-shop processing
  • Extreme cold in cryogenic applications
  • Radiation from gamma sterilization

Tags can also be customized to be food-compatible and flame resistant. 

Select tags are optimized for OEM customers to embed into other products or materials, making the tags invisible and virtually immune to mechanical damage.

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