HID® DigitalPersona® for Government

HID Global prioritizes accessibility and ease of use for governments from municipal to state and federal levels by providing a single 2FA/MFA workforce solution for employees, contractors and citizens that assures access to critical applications.

Biometrics - DigitalPersona

Secure and Frictionless Authentication

Public-private partnerships have made the idea of the traditional user obsolete as private contractors, service integrators and other third parties are regularly accessing government systems. The importance of authenticating the identities of all users accessing critical government resources has never been higher.

HID DigitalPersona sets itself apart with an array of credential types that simplify the user experience and facilitate compliance by:

  • Providing coverage for all applications and computer devices in use for government management ranks, staffers, and field-based civil servants
  • Strengthening the protection of sensitive, citizen data
  • Deploying in days with little to no disruption to critical government services
  • Delivering strong authentication via behavioral, biometric, risk-based and other factor types
  • Meeting a variety of NIST-level compliance regulations (800-61, 800-171), CJIS, and HIPAA

With decades of biometric acquisition and identity management expertise – including deployments in some of the most challenging environments around the world – HID provides assurance for your most critical identity applications.

DigitalPersona accommodates a broad range of authentication factors, allowing government organizations to retain their biometric capture components and physical authentication cards and tokens. DigitalPersona matches the level of protection to the security required and can differentiate between government personnel, contractors and the public—ensuring that neither users nor outsiders can compromise crucial assets.

With a robust array of integration options and secure access enabled across legacy, Windows, cloud and mobile applications, DigitalPersona can cover the specific needs of a government organization without requiring a massive (and expensive) IT overhaul. Close every gap and maximize your organization’s resources with DigitalPersona.

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