Electric Vehicle Charging

Harness the power of secure access.

On the Road to Easy Access

electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles are accelerating in popularity. As more hit the road, additional points to pitstop are needed. These points require secure access and user authentication before people plug in. The right credentials steer users into a world of easy plug-and-pay, enabling electric vehicle (EV) charging station managers to offer control, confidence and first-class conveniences to customers.

Authenticate. Charge. Unplug. Go.

An On-Ramp of Opportunity

EV charging happens at various locations around town: at home, in public (e.g., gas stations), and across semi-private locations (tenant buildings, employer offices, hotels, gyms, shopping centers, fleet depots, etc.).

This semi-private category is an on-ramp of opportunity for business owners who can easily tap into a lucrative roadmap of revenue using new or existing RFID credentials.

Trusted RFID technology provides secure end-to-end encryption to authenticate users when accessing charging apparatus, and protects data and access along the EV charging journey.

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Secure End-to-End Encryption

RFID technology provides proven, secure end-to-end encryption to protect data, technology and access for users, charging station owners, and all points in between.
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System Evolution

Easily add, delete and upgrade credential functionality without changing the entire infrastructure of the station.
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One Credential, Multiple Applications

Extend access options through existing infrastructure to manage, authorize and restrict access to EV charging with existing credentials such as hotel room cards or Employee IDs.

Take An Access Adventure With OMNIKEY Interactive Experience

Preview how various settings — workplace, higher education, healthcare and more — transform into ecosystems of efficiency with simple, secure RFID connections.

Interact with our Choose Your OMNIKEY tool to mix-and-match access point possibilities driven by HID’s single Powerful Platform for RFID User Authentication.

A Battery of Options

iCLASS SE Modules

iCLASS SE Reader Modules

EV charging suppliers can take advantage of critical interoperability functions — access authentication, payment integrity and data verification — delivered in an all-in-one RFID system. Protect charging stations, user data, payment details and power grid resources by authenticating and authorizing at all levels of access.

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HID RFID-based readers and modules keep pace with product design, offered in a footprint so small there’s no need to change the architecture of the charging station itself to seamlessly integrate authenticated intelligence. HID access technologies are trusted by businesses and consumers around the globe.

Secure EV Charging With RFID Authentication

RFID technology is widely relied upon to authenticate users. RFID is not only secure and flexible, but future-proof — evolving with your requirements.

electric vehicle charging

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