RFID Authentication

User identity verification across a wide range of access scenarios

RFID Intelligence is Everywhere

Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) is a technology we use all the time but don’t often think about because we don’t have to — it’s easy and efficient.

RFID-enabled identity authentication allows for an effortless, wireless exchange of information between devices. When RFID technology is embedded into a card, smartphone or wearable device, numerous use cases become possible. It allows for limitless applications, from building access (including doors, turnstiles and elevators) to time and attendance management (for onsite and remote workers) to contactless payments.

RFID-powered authentication gives users easy access to business systems they need — and nothing they don’t — with a single, simple credential.

Connected Workplace. Access Everywhere.

Benefits of RFID-Enabled Authentication

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Prevents unauthorized physical and digital access.
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Privileges are granted swiftly and can be easily added/changed remotely.
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Users need only one credential to access the physical/digital systems.
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RFID is delivered via cards, tags, mobile phones, tokens or wearables.
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Reduces costs through new deployments or by leveraging existing cards and credentials.
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Meets compliance requirements including data and privacy regulations.

One RFID Technology. Many Access Scenarios.

Innovating Authentication Across Industries

Organizations around the globe trust HID RFID technology to facilitate best-in-class identity verification that’s secure, simple and smart. Here are a few examples of how industries are elevating their approach to intelligent access:

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Experience the connected workplace.

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A deep dive into mobile wallets in higher education.

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Protect patient data, secure networks and improve productivity of clinicians and hospital staff.

Take An Access Adventure With OMNIKEY® Interactive Experience

Preview how various settings — workplace, higher education, healthcare and more — transform into ecosystems of efficiency with simple, secure RFID connections.

Interact with our Choose Your OMNIKEY tool to mix-and-match access point possibilities driven by HID’s single powerful platform for RFID user authentication.

We Built It. They Use It.

It was important to us that we didn’t have to move away from the reader infrastructure that we created or choose between functionality and security. We simply added more options and more value for our campus.

Mark Brown
Director of Business
Vanderbilt University
Read the case study

We are pleased to have partnered with HID Global on this nursing home project to provide superior RFID identification capabilities to our customers through our tablets. The effortless integration between our hardware and HID OMNIKEY reader board gave us a winning combination.

Beryl Wei
Business Development Director
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As integrators, we find that the RFID technology offered by HID Global is very good, robust and easy to integrate. Our experience with the brand and its products is very positive.

Karen Montalva
Business Manager of Engineering
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Why HID for RFID?

It’s not just about the technology. Selecting the right partner is also about the quality of service, engineering, project management and software programs. HID is known as a trustworthy partner capable of providing a sustainable product platform based on established efficiency developed over many years.

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Compatible with nearly all international standards (ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO18013, ISO15693, EM PROX, ISO7816-3), desktop products and reader modules support strict security standards plus Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
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Ease of Integration

Software developer tool kits make HID solutions easy to integrate into third-party or in-house applications. SDK options allow developers to design, develop and deliver robust end-user products and solutions.
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Choice is essential, each access scenario is unique. HID offers many form factors and credentials to mix-and-match for an ideal RFID fit.
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Able to run on low, high or dual frequencies. Mobile device support includes NFC, BLE and Apple ECP 2.0. Multiple host interfaces options include keyboard wedge, USB, Clock & Data, Wiegand, CCID, UART and OSDP.
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Customer Satisfaction

HID RFID technology meets the strictest industry requirements to ensure an exemplary user experience.
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Global Reach

Our proven identity verification and authentication solutions are supported by a global network of partners and are backed by world-class experts highlighted in successful use cases across various industries.
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Fortify Your Digital Front With Passwordless Authentication

The practice of logging in to systems with a password is going the way of the dinosaur.

To battle criminals lurking around digital corners — and eliminate the bad habits humans repeat with weak, reused and poor password practices — organizations must evolve to apply stronger authentication measures as part of their digital defense strategy.

Find the Perfect Product Match

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Contact and contactless card readers for user authentication

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Enabling seamless card access beyond just doors

iCLASS SE Modules

iCLASS SE Reader Modules

Reader modules for mobility and connectivity

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