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Elevator Access Control

Efficient, secure entrance at every level.

One Credential, Multi-Level Access

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Effective physical access control must ensure that only those with authorized access rights gain passage to certain floors in a building. This requires agile security solutions that also provide a seamless and convenient experience for the many employees, visitors, contractors and vendors who are granted entry to a facility.

HID’s elevator access solutions leverage trusted RFID technology to establish effective identity verification that allows organizations to define who can go where, when and why.

Unlock your Office With iPhone and Apple Watch

With employee badge in Apple Wallet, employees can access office doors, elevators, turnstiles, multifunction printers and much more using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s easy, convenient and secure. Employee badge in Apple Wallet integrates into existing access control systems, is simple to distribute and manage, and takes advantage of the built-in security features of iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Level up Your Efficiency

Proven RFID reader and credential technology can be integrated with existing access control infrastructure to allow contactless, upon-approach identity verification and authentication. Authorized access is granted as quickly as unauthorized access is prevented. 

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Workflow Efficiency

RFID readers authenticate credentials from several feet away via smart cards, tags, tokens, phones and more.
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Elevator access privileges are easily added, changed or removed remotely by individuals or teams.
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Meets guidelines for all regulatory and security mandates.
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Increased ROI

Protects past investments by easily extending privileges to secure elevators using existing infrastructure and credentials.

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One Credential, Endless Possibilities

A single trusted identity can be the key that unlocks critical physical and logical spaces for a more secure and convenient business.

Experience the Connected Workplace
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The Connected Workplace

What if you could access all of your organization's systems with a single, easy-to-use credential?

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