Embeddable RFID Tags

Embeddable RFID tags are used by manufactures needing to implement RFID technology into a finished product. Tags are available in multiple frequencies (LF, HF/NFC and RAIN UHF) and form factors. Additionally, embedded RFID tags can be customized to product requirements.

RFID-enabled products made simple

Embeddable RFID asset tags and equipment tags allow manufacturers to seamlessly integrate HID Global electronic components into their own manufactured goods. Leveraging HID Global’s experience, manufacturers and integrators can combine their specialized market expertise to deliver optimized asset and equipment tagging solutions for custom automation, brand protection or other applications.

Manufacturers can save the time and the expense of electronics design and production to better focus resources on providing customer solutions. With a variety of integrated chips, HID Global offers a range of embeddable RFID asset tags and equipment tags at all standard frequencies and various form factors to incorporate into finished tagging solutions.

HID Global’s patented direct bonding technology also enables extremely small and designs (and ring designs if needed). Our engineers can also help design-in transponders for special use cases.

Application examples:

  • Consumables like filters, cartridges or gas cartouches
  • Medical tools (e.g. drills)
  • Cable plugs
  • Car keys
  • Plastic boxes for transport of goods
  • Branded merchandise
Custom Designs
HID Embeddable RFID for Industry and Logistics

Embeddable RFID Tags

  • RFID technology to be embedded in tools or cartridges
  • Direct bonding allows miniature tags or ring designs
  • Selection of chips and frequencies
  • Options for cryptographic encoding
Small Footprint
HID Brick Tag RFID Tags

Brick Tags

  • Extremely small footprint
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • Withstand high temperatures
  • LF, HF and UHF versions
Micro Thin
HID Epoxy Tag RFID Tags

HID® Epoxy Tag RFID Tags

  • Ultra thin discs in LF, HF or UHF
  • Highly temperature and mechanical resistant
  • Surface printable in white or color
  • Withstand plastic injection to be embedded at production time of containers