Embeddable RFID Tags

Enhance products while improving brand integrity and customer experience.

Simple and Unobtrusive Embedded RFID Tags

From high-end watch sapphire glass to key fobs, embedded RFID tags allow manufacturers to seamlessly integrate tracking and monitoring capabilities into their products. This innovative technology provides even more value when it comes to anti-counterfeiting and customer interaction.

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HID’s technological advancements are helping us provide a higher quality product to our customers. With STISS’s new ID GLASS, a watch brand can leverage the benefits of digital services while safeguarding its traditions and its designs.

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Embeddable RFID for a Multitude of Solutions and Tag Designs

HID’s extensive experience with tagging solutions of all kinds allows manufacturers to save the time and expense of design and production and focus entirely on providing customer solutions. Using a variety of integrated chips, we offer a range of embeddable RFID tags, in various form factors and at all standard frequencies, that leave no visible evidence in finished products.

HID’s patented direct bonding technology enables extremely small designs — including ring designs, if needed. Our engineers can also help design transponders for special use cases.

Application examples:

  • Consumables (e.g., filters, cartridges or gas cartouches)
  • Medical tools (e.g., drills)
  • Cable plugs
  • Car keys
  • Plastic boxes for transporting goods
  • Branded merchandise

Embeddable RFID Tags — How Small Is Too Small?

HID Embeddable RFID Tags come in tiny form factors, making them perfect for the seamless integration into very small items. Our Embeddable RFID Tags are ideal for installation into small tools, pieces of technology and tiny assets that need to be tracked, as well as luxury items like high-end watches to prevent counterfeiting.

Benefits of HID’s Patented DBond™ Technology

DBond technology, also known as “direct bonding,” is a means to directly connect an RFID wire antenna to a micro-sized chip without the need for bulky module housing or additional soldering material. DBond allows the creation of smaller and thinner RFID-based products, which are more reliable and easier to process than standard RFID products. Our high frequency (HF) direct bonding enables the creation of ultra-thin products that can be embedded into the sapphire glass for watches.

watch and RFID tag

The E-Unit Disc tag (above right) has an NFC chip so small that it is virtually invisible to the naked eye when bonded to the high-end watch’s sapphire glass.

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