RFID for Product Authentication & Brand Protection

Protect your products and brand identity with RFID authentication and NFC anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Your Brand Is Your Legacy. Protect It With RFID.

Each product in your inventory becomes more than just an item; it becomes a beacon of authenticity. RFID's strength lies in its ability to provide a unique digital fingerprint for every product.

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Unmatched Product Authentication

Counterfeiters face an insurmountable challenge when attempting to replicate products with RFID authentication. Each product's unique code ensures that it's the genuine article.
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Real-Time Tracking for Brand Protection

Gain unparalleled visibility into your supply chain. Know where your products are at all times, detect any anomalies and prevent unauthorized diversions.
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Reliable Authentication for Consumer Trust

The sight of the RFID seal on your products reassures consumers that they are purchasing the real thing, reinforcing trust in your brand.
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Fast & Reliable Brand Protection

In the unfortunate event of a counterfeit issue, RFID technology allows for swift identification and targeted responses, protecting your brand's integrity.

NFC Product Authentication From a Mobile Device

From the supply chain through production to the point of sale, our advanced RFID technology and cloud-based platform ensure your customers get what they paid for along with a wow factor.

Find out how NFC tags can prevent counterfeiting, ensure maintenance quality, increase security and protect your brand.

Digitally Authenticate From Production to Purchase

HID’s Trusted Tag® Services and related technologies extend Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities directly to the hands of your end customers. A tamper-proof, near field communication (NFC) tag embedded into each product, combined with HID’s cloud-based authentication services, provide a unique and secure solution. And it’s fully compatible with NFC-enabled mobile phones, tablets and other similar devices.

With a tap of a phone, consumers receive instant validation of the product’s authenticity with customized messages and graphics designed by the manufacturer or anyone upstream in the process. HID’s Trusted Tag Services can facilitate transactions simply by tapping an attached or embedded NFC tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to securely communicate information. This results in a frictionless authentication experience using a solution that fuels more powerful and dynamic IoT applications.

Popular goods that trust our tags include:

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Designer shoes, clothing and accessories
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Collectables such as currency, sports memorabilia and rare stamps
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Consumer goods such as wine and spirits
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Just about anything of value that can be faked

See How Our Product Authentication Works

How HID product authentication works on a smartphone

Interactive Content Delivers a Unique Brand Engagement

Integrate NFC or Bluetooth® Low Energy technologies into digital touchpoints to deliver a more engaging and interactive user experience into physical media or objects ― including posters, product packaging, point-of-purchase displays and other promotions.

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Key Features & Benefits of Product Authentication & Brand Protection RFID

HID Trusted NFC Tags provide a secure authentication environment not possible with today’s standard NFC labels, static tags or QR codes. HID Trusted Tag Services are ideal for establishing “proof of presence” in diverse use cases. 

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Monitor Data Sharing

Prevent or detect sharing of URLs in digital marketing campaigns.
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Get Reliable Verification

Verify a caregiver’s presence in a patient’s home (Electronic Visit Verification).
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Leverage Real-Time Tracking

Confirm presence for tracking student time and attendance or for any onsite service (guard shifts, maintenance work, etc.).
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Authenticate Products for Consumer Trust

Verify the authenticity of a tagged product and provide enhanced consumer experience.

Case Studies

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Using RFID and NFC to Protect Brands and Revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is RFID, and how does it work for product authentication?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. It is a technology that uses radio waves to identify and track objects. For product authentication, each item is tagged with a small RFID chip that emits a unique code. This code is read by RFID readers, allowing for real-time authentication and tracking.

2. Why is product authentication important for brands?

Product authentication is crucial for brands to safeguard their reputation and revenue. It helps prevent counterfeiting, unauthorized diversion, and ensures consumers receive genuine products, maintaining trust in the brand.

3. What are the key benefits of using RFID for brand protection?

RFID offers benefits such as product traceability, real-time tracking, consumer trust and quick response to incidents. It strengthens brand integrity and provides valuable insights into supply chain management.

4. How can consumers verify product authenticity with RFID?

Consumers can verify authenticity by scanning the RFID tag with a smartphone app or using an RFID reader. The unique code on the chip is cross-referenced with the brand's database to confirm the product's legitimacy.

5. Can RFID be integrated into existing supply chain systems?

Yes, RFID can be seamlessly integrated into existing supply chain systems, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for brand protection.

6. What industries benefit from RFID brand protection?

Industries such as fashion, pharmaceuticals, electronics, luxury goods and automotive benefit significantly from RFID brand protection due to the high risk of counterfeiting.

7. Can RFID technology be used to protect intellectual property and digital content?

While RFID is primarily associated with physical products, it can be employed in combination with other technologies to help protect intellectual property and digital content, such as digital rights management and tracking of physical items associated with digital assets.

8. Can RFID be used for warranty and product recall management?

Yes, RFID technology can streamline warranty management and product recalls. It allows for accurate identification of affected products, making recalls more targeted and efficient, which ultimately reduces costs and protects brand reputation.

9. Is RFID technology scalable for businesses of all sizes?

RFID is scalable and adaptable for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations. It can be implemented at a scale that suits the unique needs and budgets of different businesses.

10. What steps should a brand take to implement RFID for product authentication?

To implement RFID, a brand should assess its specific needs, select the right RFID technology, educate employees and establish a database for tracking and verification with a trusted RFID provider.

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