Government Mobile ID

HID Global's new HID goID™ mobile ID platform provisions a government-issued identification credential securely onto a smartphone or other mobile device.


A new era of convenience and security

Endowed with massive computing power, the smartphone is an all-purpose tool relied upon by citizens to simplify their lives and assist with increasingly complex tasks. Governments have an unprecedented opportunity to provide citizens with new levels of convenience by delivering secure identification in the form of mobile ID.

HID Global is already a leading supplier to governments of highly advanced, ultra-secure ID credentials and ecosystems, including programs such as the US Green Card, Angola National ID and the Ireland Passport Card, HID Global is uniquely positioned to offer this groundbreaking solution. Our patented Seos® technology — originally developed for use in smartphones for physical access in businesses, homes and hotel room keys — allows for secure over-the-air provisioning of credentials to smartphones.

HID Global is also the only company able to provision mobile IDs directly into citizens’ mobile phones. Unlike other solutions that rely on wireless cloud connectivity, HID’s platform is always available, no matter the connectivity to the cloud or battery status of the mobile device. This is extremely important in the case of national and public security.

For governments this new level of real-time connectivity and computing power can be applied to:

  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Vehicle Registration Cards
  • National ID Cards
  • Travel Documents
  • Voter Registration Cards