HID Condition Monitoring

Detect problems with mission-critical equipment before they happen.

Condition-Based Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

HID Condition Monitoring is a real-time monitoring platform to assess the health and performance of industrial equipment. Implementing an end-to-end condition monitoring solution enables a stronger predictive maintenance strategy to improve inspections, maintenance, and operation decisions, reducing unplanned downtime and increasing productivity across the manufacturing plant, HVAC, elevators and other rotating equipment. Historically, monitoring more assets using legacy technology was cost prohibitive, making this technology a huge leap forward.

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Cloud Services Analytics for Equipment Performance

HID Condition Monitoring is a low-cost, wireless, remote monitoring system providing vibration and temperature data in real time, dramatically changing the manufacturing landscape. Increased visibility into equipment performance using multiple data points allows the facility to monitor and react quickly to critical events. With instant information, creating actionable analysis in meaningful formats is achievable through a Bluzone™ scalable cloud services platform. Armed with valuable equipment data, organizations can improve the operational environment and achieve better manufacturing efficiencies.

Machine Learning for Equipment Health

Equipment fails and when it does, it can be catastrophic for the factory resulting in lost production and lost revenue. Additional adverse effects are costs to operations, idle labor, work-in-progress scrap, machine repairs and clean up. HID Condition Monitoring provides analytics, visualization and real-time alerts to enable a predictive maintenance strategy. The system learns the unique baseline of normal behavior of each asset equipped with an HID Industrial BEEKs™ beacon. During production, if vibration behavior deviates for a period, an alert is generated notifying a change in operating or health status. The facility can implement remedial actions before equipment fails to reduce downtime, avoid lost capacity and immediately respond to critical circumstances.

Condition Monitoring for Non-Manufacturing

HID Condition Monitoring is also used to monitor other types of capital equipment with rotating components such as elevators, escalators and HVAC equipment. The solution activates an alert when something needs attention, offers an accurate estimate of downtime and tracks whether SLAs are being met.

Additionally, HID Condition Monitoring can monitor, collect and analyze data on food and beverage coolers and vending machines. Real-time data captures include cooler temperature, cooler motor health, door openings, and more. Enhanced visibility improves maintenance calls, optimizes cooler functionality and ensures everything is running optimally, resulting in maximized sales.

Efficient and Scalable IoT Condition Monitoring

IoT reaches almost every industry. HID shows you in this 50-minute webinar the ways you can get ahead of equipment failures, leveraging the power of Condition Monitoring for fault tolerance and predictive maintenance.

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