HID Location Services and Condition Monitoring

Real-Time, Scalable IoT Ecosystem – Achieve operational efficiency with a smarter building and an optimized workplace



There is a growing need for increased, real-time visibility into the most important areas of the organization’s operations across multiple locations or a specific area – people, property and assets. Organizations juggle to balance employee retention and satisfaction through ensuring the building operates more efficiently without compromising security. Increasingly, companies seek to embed trusted identities deeper into everyday activities to create a positive working environment, improve building governance, and ensure optimum efficiency.

Workplace Optimization

HID Location Services platform addresses workplace optimization, on a growing market need for accurate, real-time location awareness and analysis of your workplace. The system combines the power of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, and cloud-based technologies to provide a unique seamless user experience inside and outside of the workspace. Organizations receive increased visibility into the precise location of their workplace in a defined space (indoor positioning/outdoor positioning) and can use predictive analytics to quickly understand space usage and building operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Gain insights into workspace usage using historical data, geo-fencing and hot-zone analytics
  • Improve energy efficiency to record ambient temperature, lighting, and door motion
  • Receive automated alerts by monitoring unauthorized access, and arrival and departure in defined areas
  • Comply with health and safety regulations on room occupancy levels and usage trends overtime
  • Enhance emergency response and readiness with an accurate headcount during building evacuation
  • Provide automated services for employees and visitors to locate available meeting rooms or find a free parking space

Item Management

Whether you want to track a large number of assets across multiple locations or a few high-value assets within a specific area, item management is about accuracy. Increasing the visibility of places and timing locating assets and personnel is invaluable to production, building utilization and workplace management. HID Location Services, enabled by Bluvision, provides both – real-time visibility and actionable data on equipment, people and processes.

Key Features:

  • Breakthrough in RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) requires little infrastructure delivering precise location of assets (equipment or people) – within one meter.
  • Sophisticated technology not only tracks in real-time, but delivers the flexibility of user-defined geo-fences.
  • Receive path history, heat maps, and predictive analysis for data driven decisions regardless of environmental requirements - complex manufacturing, airport, or a large-scale retail environment.

Equipment Performance

Optimal asset performance is often the difference between profit and loss and success and failure whether the assets are vending machines, conveyor belts, heating and cooling equipment, or a promotional end-cap within a retail store. In many cases, organizations need increased visibility into equipment performance using multiple data points to monitor and react quickly to critical events. With instant information, creating predictive and actionable analysis in meaningful formats is achievable through HID’s scalable cloud services platform. Armed with valuable equipment data, organizations immediately know when equipment fails, can improve the operational environment and achieves performance efficiencies.

Equipment Health

Motors and motorized devices fail. The question is – do you know when and what preemptive measures are needed to minimize downtime? Fortunately, it is possible to determine the health and predict failure of motors, generators and other motorized equipment by monitoring their operations and telemetry data. Gathering telemetry data using HID Global’s advanced Condition Monitoring algorithms, operations can filter data using business criteria to eliminate non-vital data to accurately portray trend-line information, predict failure and provide alerts. Obtaining predictive analysis, organizations can implement remedial actions before critical equipment fails to reduce downtime, avoid lost capacity and immediately remedy critical instances.