AI-Powered Facial Recognition

Transform the user experience with simple, secure biometrics.

Simply Efficient Identity Authentication & Verification

For decades, fingerprint authentication led the charge across governments and enterprises to accurately authenticate and verify individuals based on their unique identifiers. Now, as biometrics continue to progress, facial recognition is gaining traction across a range of industries and applications — from retail self-checkouts to banking ATMs to airport security checkpoints and beyond — based on its speed, efficiency and ease-of-use.

Why Facial Recognition

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Fast & Accurate

On-the-spot verification accurately authenticates and validates an individual’s identity in seconds.
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Easy to Use

One quick look is all that’s required to securely capture the face image for identity verification.
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One’s distinctive biometric traits provide irrefutable proof of identity and presence to prevent fraud.
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User Convenience

Your face is now your ID card, PIN and password — nothing to carry, forget, lose or be stolen.
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No Human Intervention

Facial recognition is automated, seamless and frictionless, requiring no dedicated staff to check IDs.
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Contactless & Hygienic

Users access what they need without touching a thing — beneficial in today’s virus-conscious conditions.
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When Matching Performance Is at Stake

Using facial recognition in the real world is a challenge. Common obstacles include poor matching rates across various lighting conditions, failure to match certain demographics and the inability to protect against spoofs.

Modular Facial Recognition Offerings

Our modular approach enables easy, fast facial recognition integrations without the need to rip-and-replace or migrate to an entirely new platform altogether.

Whether you are looking for a complete end-to-end facial recognition solution or an à la carte offering, we have options to meet your budget and requirements.

Modular Solution Approach Software Development Kit Biometric Server ID Proofing Server Device Management Professional Services Camera Hardware
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Remarkable Camera Designed for Facial Recognition

Using facial recognition for authentication and identification across industries is a challenge. Different lighting conditions and a wide range of demographics are what hinder many facial recognition systems today. The HID U.ARE.U™ Camera Identification System meets these challenges head-on. It’s an easy-to-install edge device that delivers exceptional matching performance and accuracy.

Use Cases: The Possibilities Are Endless

Facial recognition technology delivers a unique combination of high security and user convenience that’s ideal for identity authentication and verification. Explore use cases across various industries where HID facial recognition is solving real-world challenges.

Leader in Biometric Authentication

Frost & Sullivan evaluated the top global multimodal biometric authentication companies in its latest report – Frost Radar™: Biometric Authentication Solutions, 2022. HID was recognized as a leader in innovation and growth.

See why HID is a top choice for biometric authentication and digital ID solutions. 

Read the full report or view the infographic.

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Award Recognition for Global Product Leadership

Frost & Sullivan best practices award

Frost & Sullivan awarded HID with the 2023 Product Leadership Award for its best-in-class biometric authentication solutions. Award criteria involved a rigorous assessment of product attributes and business impact.

The impressive breadth of HID’s biometric portfolio — facial recognition, fingerprint capture, as well as tenprint and palm scanners for livescan solutions — contributed to HID earning this distinction.

See why HID biometric authentication solutions excel in the industry. Read the full report.

Keep Up With HID’s Latest Developments in Biometrics

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Better Banking With Biometrics

HID is proud to offer the finest biometrics for financial services — pairing superior security with the convenience of using faces or fingerprints for exceptional user authentication accuracy.

Explore biometrics for banking
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Elevating the Air Travel Journey

Our team is dedicated to empowering airlines and airport operations with biometric identity verification so they can deliver a secure, seamless, self-service experience to passengers.

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