Secure MFA for Government

Equip your government employees and contractors with an MFA solution that assures secure and easy access to critical applications.

Secure and Frictionless Authentication

The importance of authenticating government employees and contractors accessing critical government resources has never been higher. Our MFA solution offers secure and frictionless authentication, ensuring that access to sensitive data is protected and compliant with regulations.

Flexible capabilities allow governmental organizations and partners to align their authentication needs with their systems and risk profiles, maintaining access restrictions and password hygiene while safeguarding sensitive data.

Key Benefits for Government

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Secures access to all government employees, software and devices
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Strengthens the protection of sensitive State, Federal and citizen data
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Up and running in days with little to no disruption to critical services
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Delivers strong security via identity credentials and authentication solutions
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Address a variety of NIST (800-61, 800-171), CJIS and HIPAA regulations

Secured Windows Login

DigitalPersona matches the security level required and can differentiate between government personnel, contractors and the public — ensuring that neither user nor threats can compromise crucial assets.   

With a robust array of integration options and secure access, we cover the specific needs of your governmental organization without an expensive IT overhaul.

Award-Winning Multi-Factor Authentication

HID DigitalPersona Reviews

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Identity for Governments and Regulated Industries

HID Personal Identity Verification (PIV) is an integrated solution of identities, credentials, and management for regulated industries and U.S. state, local, and federal governments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does HID's MFA solution authenticate government employees and contractors?

HID's MFA solution employs robust authentication methods, including biometrics and strong credentials, to authenticate government personnel and contractors securely.

What measures does HID's MFA solution implement to ensure access restrictions for government applications?

HID's MFA solution enforces access controls based on roles and permissions, ensuring that only authorized government employees and contractors can access specific applications and sensitive data.

How does HID's MFA solution address password hygiene for government organizations?

HID's MFA solution eliminates the use of common passwords and promotes strong authentication methods, enhancing password hygiene and security for government employees and contractors.

What safeguards does HID offer to protect sensitive government data?

HID's MFA solution incorporates encryption and multi-factor authentication to safeguard sensitive government data, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting against unauthorized access.

Can HID's MFA solution assist government organizations in complying with regulations such as NIST, CJIS, and HIPAA?

Yes, HID's MFA solution is designed to meet regulatory requirements such as NIST, CJIS, and HIPAA, providing government organizations with the necessary security measures to achieve compliance.

What integration options are available in government environments?

HID's MFA solution offers seamless integration with existing government systems, including Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, ensuring interoperability and ease of deployment.

How quickly can government organizations deploy?

Government organizations can deploy HID's MFA solution rapidly, with minimal disruption to critical services, enabling them to enhance authentication security and access control efficiently.

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High Assurance that Empowers User Experiences

An integrated approach to identity security that combines HID credentials and Azure Active Directory.

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The Journey to Passwordless Authentication and Zero Trust

Shift your authentication strategy to a Zero Trust model using phishing-resistant credentials like FIDO and PKI.

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