PIV-Compliant Access Solutions for Government

Deliver PIV-compliant access solutions for government-wide, federally controlled facilities and information systems, and CIV-compliant access solutions for governments and regulated industries.

Identity for Governments and Regulated Industries

HID Personal Identity Verification (PIV) is an integrated solution for U.S. Federal Government identity, credentials and management. Our comprehensive solution addresses the complete lifecycle of identity access, encompassing identity proofing, secure credential issuance, and management for both physical and IT access. 

Whether for federal, state, or local government personnel, or individuals in regulated industries, HID's PIV solution provides a robust framework for managing identity and access.

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Personal Identity Verification Features

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Identity Proofing

A streamlined process for identity establishment with an integrated IDMS system that works with popular authoritative sources, captures state/national ID, collects and stores biometric data, and connects to external background check systems
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Lifecycle Management

Once the identity is verified, HID PIV facilitates the issuance of the credential, and then leverages a credential management system for ongoing management — including PIN unlock, updates, and credential replacement and/or termination
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Physical Access

A card credential can be used for physical access to governmental facilities, and user rights to the premises can be automatically provisioned and de-provisioned
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IT System Access

The same PIV credential can be used to authenticate to many IT applications, including Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and most VPN products, websites and cloud applications
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Advanced Use Cases

The credential can also be used to digitally sign emails or documents, decrypt emails or files, protect print jobs with secure printing and many other functions
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Additional Components

HID's PIV solutions can also supply additional compatible components such as user authentication, biometric fingerprint, cards and PACS readers

HID PIV Solutions

HID offers a comprehensive suite of PIV solutions tailored to meet the needs of government agencies and regulated industries. From identity proofing and enrollment to secure credential management and physical access control, HID's PIV solutions provide a robust framework for ensuring compliance and enhancing security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Identity Verification (PIV), and why is it important for government agencies and regulated industries?

PIV is an integrated solution for identity management and credential issuance, crucial for ensuring secure access to government facilities and information systems.

How does HID's PIV solution assist government agency personnel in managing their credentials?

HID's PIV solution provides a comprehensive framework for identity proofing, credential issuance, and management, including features like identity verification, secure credential issuance, and lifecycle management.

Can PIV smart cards be used for both physical and IT access?

Yes, PIV smart cards can serve as credentials for physical access to governmental facilities as well as authentication for IT applications, ensuring seamless access across various systems.

What advanced functionalities does HID's PIV solution offer beyond basic access control?

HID's PIV solution enables advanced use cases such as digital signing, decryption, and secure printing, extending its utility beyond traditional access control measures.

How does HID ensure compliance and security in its PIV solutions for government agencies and regulated industries?

HID offers a suite of PIV solutions tailored to meet compliance requirements, incorporating features like identity proofing, secure credential management, and access control to enhance security measures.

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