Multi-Factor Authentication for Law Enforcement

Ensure secure, compliant and efficient access to criminal justice information for police departments, sheriffs’ offices and other law enforcement agencies.

Enhance Security and Stay Compliant

As police and law enforcement agencies adopt continuously evolving mobile technologies, the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive citizen data, criminal history and motor vehicle information grows. At the same time, quick and easy access to these records is critical.

Meet evolving compliance needs and CJIS Security Policy authentication requirements with flexible and scalable MFA to give officers enhanced security and easy, efficient access to sensitive records at any time, from anywhere.

Key Benefits

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Authenticate with the form factor that meets the needs of your user - biometrics, mobile, OTP tokens, badges, smart cards or security keys
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Leverage strong security and frictionless access with a broad selection of authentication methods and factors
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Comply with CJIS Security Policy for Two-Factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) from anywhere
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Defend against data breach with policy control that is consistently enforced whether officers are at a desk or on patrol
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Deploy rapidly in days, not months, and with minimal disruption to both IT and end-users
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Scale mobile security with adaptable MFA that covers any device, anytime, anywhere while easing the IT burden
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Establish secure user identities in alignment with a Zero Trust security approach
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Implement customized solutions for the unique needs of your law enforcement agency
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Secure Access for Apps and Devices

Securely access databases with criminal history, fingerprint, and motor vehicle records from any mobile, squad car laptop, or precinct desktop.

Authentication policies will remain consistent across all devices, shared or not, and locations.

Balance Security and Convenience

Law enforcement agencies have the flexibility to deploy user-friendly authentication whenever and wherever needed. With the flexibility of the widest range of authentication methods and devices available, system administrators can manage authentication schemes on the fly to balance security with user convenience.

Something you know Password PIN Something you are Something you have Fingerprint Face Combine with native MS Windows ® functions Smart Cards Access Cards • Writeable • Smart • Proximity Bluetooth Device One-Time Password FIDO 2 Authenticators Where you are IP Address When you act Time frame

Secure Identity Solutions


HID Global offers a selection of smart cards, keys and OTP tokens for organizations looking to merge physical and logical access or wanting multi-credential options, including FIDO and PKI.


Increase security without hindering productivity by leveraging HID's wide array of software capabilities that fit your identity security needs. 

Rapid Adaptability With Full Compliance

Deploy in days with no disruption to agency operations. Ensure data and network security compliance with the CJIS standard for advanced multi-factor authentication and alignment to NIST 800-63 digital identity guidelines.

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Security and Mobility With Panasonic Toughbook

HID DigitalPersona seamlessly provides a flexible range of authentication methods for quick and secure Windows logon, access to shared workstations, laptops, cloud and legacy applications.

Combined with Panasonic Toughbook, it delivers an extremely powerful and secure mobile solution.

Industry Leading Experience

HID has decades of experience delivering advanced identity security solutions in the government space. We have implemented advanced multi-factor authentication solutions in some of the most complex IT environments and are trusted by many.

Award-Winning Best of 2023 MFA

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Award-winning DigitalPersona provides rapid login to shared workstations, desktops and applications through a broad selection of authentication methods.

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Phoenix Police Deploys DigitalPersona

With DigitalPersona, the Phoenix Police Department quickly and securely accesses criminal records in the field or the office.

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