HID Visitor Manager Tiers

Simplify the visitor experience.

HID Visitor Manager is an intuitive, cloud-based visitor management solution that simplifies hosting for both hosts and guests. With safety, security and seamlessness at its core, the solution allows you to reduce wait times, declutter front desks, tighten security and replace outdated workflows.

The product has been packaged into three tiers based on feature sets, with the highest tier having two pricing options to allow for greater flexibility and alignment to customer needs.

This tier is for organizations looking to replace pen and paper or legacy systems without the need to integrate into their business or security tools and processes. Typical Setup: • No integrations • 0–1 PS unit This tier is for organizations requiring advanced features (e.g. has large contractor populations, needs to manage on-site events and/or wants visitor self-check in). Typical Setup: • Integration with multiple IDMs (including hybrid log-in) • Multiple access control integrations This tier is for organizations looking to elevate the visitor experience while addressing physical security and compliance needs. Allows for integration with other business and security tools to streamline visitor workflows. Typical Setup: • 1 identity management or single-sign on integration • 1 access control integration • 2-5 PS units *Premium and Enterprise are feature equivalents that give location- or identity-based pricing options. STANDARD ADVANCED (Recommended) PREMIUM/ENTERPRISE*
Unlimited visitors, plus: Design & print badges Manage watchlists Screening questions Approval workflows Reports/dashboards Host registration Calendaring integration Billed: Per location, per year Advanced features, plus: Large event management Contractor management Hybrid sign-in Visitor self check-in Billed: Per location, per year or per identity, per year Standard features, plus: Visitor kiosks Multilingual UI User defined fields Emergency management Billed: Per location, per year STANDARD ADVANCED PREMIUM/ENTERPRISE