Ticket Readers and Validators

Barcode, QR code, NFC/RFID and cEMV readers

Elevate your ticket reading and contactless payment processes with HID's revolutionary technology. Benefit from unrivaled efficiency and user satisfaction with our barcode scanners, ticket readers and open architecture validators. These devices deliver lightning-fast scanning, seamless integration and contactless payment capabilities that streamline operations and provide a frictionless ticketing experience for your customers.

Ticket and Barcode Readers by Industry

Discover how HID's ticket reading devices transform industries, just like our VAL100 ticket validators did in Jacksonville. These validators slashed passenger bus boarding times and drove a 5.5X surge in mobile ticket purchases. The result? An impressive $40,000 in savings and a reduced environmental footprint from fewer hard ticket sales.

Explore HID's ticket reading devices tailored to your industry's unique needs:

Leave Wait Times Behind

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Eliminate the hassle of barcode scanning with HID's groundbreaking ticket readers and validators. Experience lightning-fast, effortless barcode and QR code reading from any angle, making precise positioning obsolete. Our intelligent imaging technology instantly and accurately reads and decodes 1D and 2D barcodes every time.

Discover how our devices streamline operations and boost customer satisfaction. Request a personalized assessment to identify the ideal ticket readers, barcode and QR code scanners for your organization’s unique needs. 

Space-Saving Ticket and Barcode Readers

HID has ticket readers for self-service kiosks, turnstiles, vending machines, and access gates. These readers are part of our HID TripTick™ Series.

You will love working with them because they install easily, don’t take up much space and provide an elegant finish. Their low profile also allows for a smooth and fluid movement across the reader.

One of their best features is versatility. As well as reading barcodes, TripTick devices can also read NFC and contactless EMV payments.

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All HID Ticket Readers and Validators

HID TripTick™ 200 HID TripTick™ 200 OEM barcode ticket reader
HID TripTick™ 210 HID TripTick™ 210 OEM barcode & RFID/NFC ticket reader
HID TripTick™ 220 HID TripTick™ 220 OEM barcode, NFC and cEMV ticket reader
HID TripTick™ Halo 200 HID TripTick™ Halo 200 Barcode ticket reader
HID TripTick™ Halo 210 HID TripTick™ Halo 210 Barcode and NFC reader
HID® 1950g HID® 1950g Handheld area-imaging barcode scanner
HID® BGR135 HID® BGR135 2D boarding gate ticket reader with printer port
HID® BGR700 HID® BGR700 Boarding gate reader (BGR)
HID® BGR750 HID® BGR750 Flatbed contactless passenger processing device
HID® Janam™ GT Series Mobile Entry Pedestals HID® Janam™ GT Series Mobile Entry Pedestals World’s most versatile and affordable solutions for access control
HID® Janam™ GT1 Self-Credentialing Kiosk Reader HID® Janam™ GT1 Self-Credentialing Kiosk Reader Safe, secure and affordable self-credentialing kiosk
HID® Janam™ XG4 Rugged Mobile Computer Readers HID® Janam™ XG4 Rugged Mobile Computer Readers Optimized to turbocharge workflows

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