Ticket Reading and Contactless Payments

Secure, efficient ticket reading technology for a seamless customer experience.

Go Places With HID’s Swift, Secure Ticket Reading and Contactless Payment Technology

Offer a simpler and more pleasant customer experience while reducing operational complexity with HID ticket readers, validators and barcode scanners.  It’s your ticket to really go places!

Why HID for Ticket Readers and Contactless Payments?

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Fast and Accurate

Innovative technology accurately reads and securely transfers digital information.
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Seamless Experience

Give users a fast and frictionless ticketing experience that they’ll want to experience again.
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Read barcodes, NFC/RFID and take contactless payments via a single device.
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Globally Trusted

Our technology is trusted by some of the world’s largest airports, public transport authorities and enterprises.
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Easily Integrated

From automated gate access to kiosks and TVMs, our readers are easily integrated into existing infrastructure.
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Open architecture readers and validators allow choice when selecting ticketing software and payment service providers.

Our Ticket Reading and Contactless Payment Technologies

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Flexible Deployment Options

On Board Vehicles

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On Platforms

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ticket vending machines


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In Turnstiles


On Counters

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Barcode Compatibility

Barcoded tickets are ubiquitous in the travel, hospitality, sports and events industries. When read by a high-performing barcode ticket scanner, they enable high volumes of people to be processed efficiently. Whether presented on printed or electronic media, HID ticket readers and validators quickly and reliably read all popular 2D barcode symbologies used in ticketing, including:

QR Barcodes

QR codes are commonly used for public transport tickets, event and venue tickets, corporate access control and also in the payment industry.

PDF417 Barcodes

The airline industry uses the PDF417 barcode for paper boarding passes for the Bar Coded Boarding Pass (BCBP) standard.

Aztec Barcodes

The Aztec code is used as a standard by the airline industry for electronic boarding passes and by the public transportation industry for tickets.

Popular Use Cases For HID Ticket Readers and Barcode Scanners

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Public Transport Ticket Validation & Fare Collection

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Air Travel Passenger Processing

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Parking Garage Access and Payments

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Entertainment and Event Venue Access

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Enable a Streamlined Ticketing and Contactless Payment Experience With HID TripTick™

Deploying ticket readers and validators containing converged technologies to read all ticket types and take contactless payments via a single interface enables a seamless and intuitive ticketing and payment experience.

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Powered by Our Access-IS Heritage

is now pa r t of HID

Our ticket readers and barcode scanners, garnered from HID’s acquisition of Access-IS, have continually set high standards in performance to accurately capture and rapidly transfer ticketing and payment information into electronic systems. From airport boarding gate readers to mass transit ticket readers and validators with secure contactless payment capability, HID’s specialized and versatile products suit a wide range of ticketing requirements.

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