HID® ArcID™ Enrollment

Improved security, enhanced privacy, lower cost of ownership
ArcID Enrollment Software

HID ArcID Enrollment software is a completely web-based approach for the collection and management of biometric enrollment data. This solution provides an enhanced level of personally identifiable information (PII) security and privacy.

HID ArcID Enrollment is designed to address today’s data security and privacy concerns by enhancing PII protection with a cloud-based architecture that utilizes a secure central server to interface with remote enrollment stations. This approach not only simplifies implementation and application administration, but also keeps PII off remote enrollment workstations and terminals. The application is part of the ArcID software suite and helps organizations and agencies improve security, enhance privacy and lower cost of ownership.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves privacy and security with no permanent storage of enrollment data locally
  • Reduces deployment costs with limited local implementation
  • Increases efficiency with centralized administration, maintenance and updates
  • Increases continuity through local administrative change with a configurable platform
  • Adheres to EBTS standards and supports multiple agency and state specifications
  • Positive user experience with integrated online help