HID® ArcID™ Identity Management

Identity record management software for biometric enrollment solutions
ArcID Identity Management

HID ArcID Identity Management is a web-based software module in the ArcID software platform that evaluates, stores, manages and verifies identity records. ArcID Identity Management processes and stores the enrollment of biometric and biographic information based on the enrollment datasets provided and utilizes adjudication to match newly enrolled applicants to the existing database.

ArcID Identity Management server software is an HID ArcID software suite module that works together with other modules to deliver flexibility and configurability for your organization’s biometric identity solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible user experience improves decision making
  • Ability to create and maintain multiple custom watchlists
  • Capable of linking identities between multiple databases (biometric and/or biographic)
  • Configurable for your organization’s needs to support deduplication and adjudication
  • Ease of integration to existing applications and ArcID solution platformsaves time