HID® ArcID™ Store and Forward

Centralized electronic fingerprint transmission (EFT) record management
HID ArcID Store and Forward

HID ArcID Store and Forward is designed for organizations processing applicant fingerprint submissions from multiple capture systems. As a central repository for electronic fingerprint transmission (EFT) records, the solution centralizes EFT records from distributed enrollment systems for transmission to receiving agencies or backend systems, such as FINRA, OPM, CAS, JABS and SEC, and is optimized for large-scale enrollment system installations.

A scalable system that easily integrates into IT infrastructures and part of the HID ArcID software suite, ArcID Store and Forward is an ideal biometric component for your organization’s overall identity solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Online administration for transaction visibility and control of submission process
  • Centralized storage of EFT files from one or more enrollment systems
  • Ability to programmatically hold/release submissions based on user defined workflows
  • Validation of received EFT files against agency or state specifications
  • Ability to automatically remove metadata from EFT files before submissions
  • Option to edit biographic data for corrections before sending to destination