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Real-time analytics and management for location services and industrial monitoring beacons
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Bluzone is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) to centrally manage BEEKs™ Bluetooth Low Energy® beacons via BluFi™ (Bluetooth Low Energy to WiFi) gateways. Bluzone’s basic functionality is hardware fleet management, with optional add-ons for workplace safety and duress, inventory management (with RTLS) or wireless condition monitoring of equipment. Bluzone offers powerful decision-making data analytics when integrated into ERP and EHR systems.

Bluzone is an integral part of HID’s award-winning Real-Time Location Systems solution. Our customers range from massive industrial enterprises to some of the largest healthcare facilities in the world. We apply our expert knowledge on how to optimize operations leveraging the power of real-time location systems.

Our patented ecosystem of beacons, gateways (including Aruba access points) and middleware gives our customers more than just a window into their operations; it gives them actionable insights vital to make key decisions for stakeholders up and down the value chain of their organization. These can include:

Condition Monitoring

  • Wireless status info on motorized equipment (on/off)
  • Fault detection based on vibration or temperature trends
  • Reporting of equipment duty cycles
  • Cold chain applications

Real-Time Location and Safety

  • Staff safety via multiple, wearable form factors for duress notifications
  • Patient tracking wristbands with auto-discharge boxes
  • Asset tracking of equipment, tools, vehicles, etc.
  • High value asset check-in/check-out capabilities
  • Automatic hand hygiene monitoring
  • Indoor directional guidance via wayfinding
  • Care minutes monitoring reports
  • Building occupancy
  • Contact tracing and physical distancing
  • Zone-based alerting, heat maps, etc.

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  • BEEKs beacons may be used in iBeacon and/or Eddystone mode for advertising messages or location-based services
  • Central provisioning or monitoring via BluFi and Bluzone possible

An interface to Siemens MindSphere is also available.

HID can also customize beacons to fit your unique requirements.

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Bluzone’s key advantages include:

  • Easy Setup and Configuration — BEEKs and BluFi gateways are quickly set up via the Bluzone web-portal UI and mobile app
  • Mobile App Monitoring — Use the mobile app for on-the-go monitoring of equipment including alerts
  • Cloud-Based — Leverage Bluzone’s built-in REST API and remote storage options of data to seamlessly integrate it with your preferred third-party analytics and ERP platforms
  • Standalone UI — Bluzone is also designed as a complete and compact platform to meet your needs at whatever scale that is required
  • Key Dashboard Metrics — Keep abreast of every aspect of your hardware fleet including advanced condition monitoring and more with feature-rich subscription add-ons
  • Real-Time Data — Know your equipment’s fault tolerance before they fail or know the exact location of a life-saving defibrillator and more via Bluzone’s real-time data feeds
screenshot of Bluzone hanger
screenshot of Bluzone WPS dashboard
screenshot Bluzone CM dashboard
screenshot Bluzone Contract tracing
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